Pop Roxx Interview With Cooter Brown

Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Grant Masson, Guitarist with the band Cooter Brown (Groove Orientated Heavy Rock) to the show!

Guitar player Grant Masson and drummer Tom Oz formed groove-orientated, heavy rock band Cooter Brown in late 2010. Bass player Scott Kessler, was next to join the band in late 2011. After a lot of ‘hit and miss’ singer searches, they finally found a perfect match in Michael Steven Robles, who brought a whole different dynamic to the band by combining his impressive vocal range with the tight inner-workings of this former three-piece. In September of 2015, Scott was in a life-changing car accident, and devastatingly is unable to play bass until getting his health back on track. However, Brian Roach stepped up to the plate to fill-in on the bass for a scheduled show, which was a success. With the utmost respect to Scott Kessler, Cooter Brown are moving forward and continuing to book live shows in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas

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