Alison "MetalBabe" Cohen 'I'm a Rock Journalist With A Clothing Line.'
Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen
‘I’m a Rock Journalist With A Clothing Line.’


Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen, has been living and breathing rock n’ roll since she went to her first rock concert when she was 10 years old. After feeling the energy and excitement of a live show, she knew her life was never going to be the same. Having found her destiny; she lives for rock n’ roll. She currently coins herself as a ‘rock journalist with a clothing line.’ Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen has attended hundreds of concerts, met more bands than she can count, has an extensive music and memorabilia collection, and continues to live the rock n’ roll lifestyle on a daily basis.

While growing up in a St. Louis suburb, Alison promoted bands locally when they came to town. Alison created her own flyers (the old-fashioned way… With a glue stick, scissors, and a copy machine) and plastered them everywhere, hoping to get the word out about the bands that she loved.

Just out of high school, she interned for Hi Frequency, a music marketing company based out of Chapel Hill, NC. She spent three years promoting bands throughout the St. Louis area and helped jumpstart the careers of bands like Buckcherry, Staind, Limp Bizkit, Clutch, One Minute Silence, Kent, Rufus Wainwright, and many more.

Alison spent several years managing Glad Rags rock-n-roll clothing store where she purchased clothing, jewelry, and accessories for the store to sell. While working, she was able to play her favorite bands’ music in the store and then send customers to the music store next door (Music Reunion) to purchase CDs. She used every bit of power she had to get the word out, and spread the music of the bands that she loved.

While working at Glad Rags, Alison was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to tour with Ozzfest, and spend four entire summers on the road as an official concert vendor. Anyone who been on the road knows the only thing you want to do is eat, sleep, and shower, and with the crazy schedules and traveling, those things can be hard to do. Metal Babe definitely has a lot of good ‘road stories,’ and may even write a book about them down the line, but a major highlight was when she had the chance to join Ozzy Osbourne onstage during the encore the last night of the tour (San Bernardino – 1999) and rock out with the band in front of 40,000 screaming fans!

Alison has always been a firm believer of traveling the world, seeing other cultures, and learning from one’s own life experiences. However, she realized the importance of being ‘book smart’ as well, and thought it would be beneficial to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing/Communications. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2004 from UMSL (University of Missouri – St. Louis) and finally made the move to Hollywood! She knew that getting the degree would help get her one step closer to the career in music and fashion she always dreamed of. After all, she had been dreaming about moving to Hollywood ever since she first heard Mötley Crüe and Poison sing about it!

She hit the scene hard and began making a name for herself immediately. In just over a year, she developed Metal Babe Mayhem (originally Metal Babe Productions) and the lips/bones logo, which can currently be seen worldwide.

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen has always loved the English language. Many of you know her as a spelling and grammar perfectionist. Rock City News first opened the doors for Alison’s career as a rock journalist, giving her a column in 2008 called Metal Babe’s Rockin’ Reviews. All Access Magazine was next to discover Alison’s writing talents, where she wrote for over six years. Unfortunately, both magazines have gone under.

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen was staff writer for Sin City Presents since 2016, until they closed their doors in late 2021. To date, Metal Babe has been published close to two hundred times in the above-mentioned magazines, in addition to Metal Edge, Metal Sludge, Rock Over America, Rockwell Unscene, Blabbermouth, Tampa Bay Mayhem, Wyrd Ways PR, etc.

She has interviewed everyone from Geoff Tate to Jeff Labar, Chris Sanders to Chris Bennett, and Mark Slaughter and Steve Stevens. She has even interviewed two of her favorite Finnish Artists, Ville Valo from HIM and Mr. Lordi, (Lordi).

Metal Babe Mayhem is known for focusing on local and unsigned bands throughout the globe. In 2015 Alison began programming a monthly playlist on her website which showcases 15 plus unsigned artists. Blog readers can listen to these artists while reading interviews and reviews, or shopping online.

In addition to reviewing and interviewing music related artists, Ailson has also been known to step to the other side and has been interviewed on air several times by WVOX’S Metal Mayhem, Pop Roxx Radio, Radio Chaos, Up Close and Personal Radio Show, and more. She has also been interviewed by the Mission Valley News, A2aThoT’s Music Encyclopedia, Metal Sludge, and The Cosmick View for print/online, and she has been a special guest on LARocks TV. She has even been on the ‘Stump the Trunk’ portion of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show three times and ‘Stumped the Trunk’ twice!

In 2010 Metal Babe Mayhem really started to focus on fashion and started exploring options for clothing, jewelry, and accessories that she could incorporate her lips/bones design. Currently Metal Babe Mayhem has over 30 unique designs available on tank tops, loose fit women’s shirts, v-necks, men’s t-shirts, and hoodies. In addition to Metal Babe Mayhem shirts, the line also consists of hand-made guitar pick necklaces, rings, dog tags, bottle openers, flasks, stickers, patches, cowboy hats, tote bags, artwork, and more.

Aside from her own creations, Metal Babe Mayhem is proud to carry additional product lines from Al Bane for Leather, Alchemy Gothic, and Sheree Cosmetics.

Celebrities who have been seeing wearing Metal Babe Mayhem: 

  • Bang Tango – Joe Leste
  • Bow Wow Wow/Gene Loves Gezebel/Formerly of The Cult  – Lez Warner
  • Gilby Clarke/Formerly of Guns N’ Roses  – Gilby Clarke
  • Michael Angelo Batio/Formerly of Nitro  – Michael Angelo Batio
  • Blue October – Matt Noveskey
  • Danger Danger – Ted Poley
  • DSG, Devil Land Voodoo Gods, Formerly of Manowar  – David Shankle
  • Gilby Clarke/Cheap Thrill/White Lion – Troy Patrick Farrell
  • LA Guns  – Tracii Guns
  • That Metal Show  – Miss Box of Junk (Jennifer Leah Gottlieb)
  • Trans Siberian Orchestra/Circle II Circle/Savatage – Zak Stevens
  • Poison – Bret Michaels/Rikki Rockett
  • RATT/London/Knight Fury  – Chris Sanders
  • Trixter  – Pete Loran
  • TUFF/CWA/Shameless  – Stevie Rachelle
  • White Lion – Mike Tramp

In terms of Metal Babe Mayhem, and what Alison is trying to do for the rock n’ roll community, she says, “This is a way for me to share my love for music and my Hollywood rock n’ roll lifestyle with people all over the world. When I write, I want people to feel like they are right by my side the whole time. I love giving people the opportunity to live vicariously through me, and even better if they do it while wearing Metal Babe Mayhem Merchandise!”

With 15 years under her belt, Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen has established her name and her brand in the Los Angeles area and worldwide. She continues to follow her dreams and create new goals for herself every day in an effort to reach the rock n’ roll community worldwide. Most importantly, Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen thanks all of you for your continued support. She truly appreciates every email, message, comment, share, tweet, favorite, and like. Alison is so happy to see people supporting and promoting Metal Babe Mayhem, and continues to love, support, and give back to the music community on a daily basis.