Los Angeles Poet Society and Metal Babe Mayhem – Women’s Month Acrostic Poetry Contest

Rules: Make a poem using WOMAN and METAL BABE as the first letters for each line.

Congratulations to Seven Dhar for winning the National Women’s Month Poetry Contest!


Winner! – $25

Men, as NOW mentioned, oh, women are
Everywhere free to roam
Town and country, in fetish gear or
A gown; where only men were
Ladies will soon abound: 

Barrooms to binge, or moshpits for mayhem,
And even that male bastion boulevard basement, where
Babes happy go down to eager rock out, yes,
Even Penn’ Ave. in that spikey, sparkling White House!

—Seven Dhar

2nd Place

Music unites us throughout the world
Each finding connection within themselves and each other
Touched by a song, a melody, or just one note
Affecting the heart, body, mind, and soul
Living and breathing it every day
Bonding with those who feel the same way
Artists may come, and artists may go
But us true rock fans know…
Every one of them helped us grow 

—Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

3rd place

Mayhem carries me, to an
Eternal place located between
Truth and reason. The very spot where
All my friends tell me to stop
Looking for you.

Because sure, sometimes we’re good
And care for each other. But
Boy, you got me blinded.
Everyone keeps asking me to promise, we’re over.

—Trista Hurley-Waxali

Most definite, she’s rockin’

Electric… eclectic
Try to measure her in watts
And feel the sear of
Lighting, voltage crackling
Bathing her
Armor of confidence
Battle-ready to burn up
Every earthbound obstacle

—Jennifer Ruth Jackson


“Make me.” You heard me: “make me”.
Eat my shorts and kiss my ass instead — how about that?
Take your preconceived notions, prejudices, 
And judgments, and
Leave me alone to be myself.

Because I don’t need
Anyone to tell me how to 
Be. You know what I am to this world?

—Deborah Kavis


My Lolita, and
To touch your body-
A blend of innocence and corruption is required.
Life is worth living
As a fire of my loins, you
Essential to me.

—Amitabh Vikram


Mind whips with the 
Edge of your razor eyes
Timbering  around my chest
Alert to the blood fueling
Legend into chaste kisses.

Bites into knuckles 
As the wind spins your scent
Beyond cavities of carnal
Endorphins, mesmerizing.

—Jessica M. Wilson


Winner! — $25

Where our men are needed (as from above),
Our women are already there!
More than to help, as pleaded,
Are our maidens iron strong and fair…
Now all men owe women (a debt of love).

—Seven Dhar

2nd Place

When the 4th wall to the genius of woman finally shatters,
Our mothers, our sisters, and our primas –
Mujeres unidas, mujeres poderosas de nuestro sangre –
Are to mark the fall with a boom; years and years’ worth of repressed voices.
Never will our daughters have to fight the clash of the sexes to be seen as her own; never will our daughters have to seek shelter in anyone but themselves.

—Serene Gallardo

3rd Place

We are, at times,
Our own best friends; 
Maybe, other times, our own worst enemies.
And, in spite of all of this, we are, 
Now and forever, simply amazing!

—Deborah Kavis

Whenever I wake up, I like to rest my eyes
On the vacant eyes looking back at me in the
Mirror. Afterwards I
Even try to walk with pride. With my heart open for the love that
Never was.

—Trista Hurley-Waxali


Wandering aimlessly
Out of sync and incomplete
Missing one thing that she needs.
And here he comes, arms wide spread
Now Too fulfilled inside his head.

 —Willis the Poet


When she gets over her imperfections and
Opens the eyes of her heart to see herself, 
Men don’t know what to do. 
Endangered species like her and
Notice but are not able to do anything.

—Sunayna Pal


Walking through life won’t get you anywhere
Orchestrate a path to the stars
Make sure the world knows who you are
Ambition, aspiration, and action are the only way to get results
Never stop until you reach the top!

—Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen


Watch her walk
Ogle her assets
Make believe she’s
Anything you’d ever dream, but
No, she’s more

—Jennifer Ruth Jackson


Wisely watching the Worlds surroundings.. 
Outwardly stretching her writing utensils, stirring up and
Making great decisions and bold statements that
Elevates everyone in
Need of Love.

—Jamiealita Mohammed


When dancing shadows of phallus traverse
Only my body becomes a victim.
Many loop, leap pool, and spurt
And they burn, bit, sting, and spring
No breathable space lies in those thin layers.

—Amitabh Vikram


Waves of addiction, running through her veins.
Overheard the voices , of misery and pain.
Masking the feelings of reality each day.
Another ride may well be the last.
Not looking back, put it in the past.

—Craig B


We stand together, we stand alone
Our softness of flesh and steel of bone.
Many are trampled, yet WE still survive
Awakening to a new day
Now sense of self is revived.

—Christy Hancock