What’s Next for Nova Rex?

What’s Next for Nova Rex?

Find out in this exclusive interview with bass player/founding member Kenny Wilkerson

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Nova Rex, who was ranked in the Top 50 of the Greatest Hair Bands of the 80’s by VH-1, is a band that definitely knows how to have a good time while delivering original high-energy rock n’ roll. It was great to have the chance to talk more in depth with their bass player and founding member Kenny Wilkerson about their upcoming release, the band, and what they have in the works. Nova Rex is scheduled to release their brand new CD ‘Nova Rex: Rock Star Roadshow’ on June 13th and have several shows  already booked to coincide with the date. Keep a lookout for their first single “I Don’t Know” and visit the link below  for information on pre-ordering.

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Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen: Hi Kenny. I’m so glad to be doing this interview and am so appreciative for all of the support that you have given me and Metal Babe Mayhem. First of all, tell me who is currently in the band and how long this lineup has been together?

Kenny Wilkerson: Hey Alison. I definitely love rockin’ your swag. Metal Babe Mayhem is my go to for stage wear.

Metal Babe: That’s so awesome. Thank you!

Kenny: The band has been kickin’ it since 1985. Thirty-two years now. I was a 10-year-old prodigy…[LAUGHS] The lineup is co-founders, JP Cervoni and myself, Eddie Cruise on drums, and Adrian “Felicia” Adonis on vocals.

Metal Babe: I’m really excited about your upcoming CD ‘Rock Star Roadshow,’ which is scheduled for release June 13h, 2017. I have been lucky to have heard a sneak peak of a few songs and love what I have heard so far. It looks like “I Don’t Know,” which is a great rock n’ roll song, is going to be the first single at this time. What can you tell us about this song?

Kenny: It’s just a song about a crazy bitch that we have all met at one point with a groove that will melt your face off.

Metal Babe: Nice! I also got a sneak peak of “Bosoms & Beer,” which is clever and catchy, and “Lock n’ Load,” which is definitely a rock n’ roll anthem and is going to be a great song to perform live. What can you tell us about these two songs?

Kenny: “Bosoms & Beer” is a song that we wrote in about 15 minutes on the spot. It’s about a middle-aged guy that is living with his mom and just doesn’t want to get a job. We were sort of being silly, but sometimes the best stuff comes out that way. Now “Lock n’ Load” on the other hand is a deeper song about being in the military and going off to war. We have always been big supporters of the Armed Forces and have been involved in a lot of charities for them, so it’s a salute to them. 

Metal Babe: That’s very cool. Speaking of live shows, Nova Rex is known for their stage shows. What can fans expect from a live Nova Rex performance?

Kenny: We are not just the typical band, playing our music on stage. We bring you a real rock show with fun, over-the-top, high octane antics that will give you your moneys’ worth.

Metal Babe: Awesome. Do you plan on releasing a music video to coincide with the first single?

Kenny: Sure. That’s in the works. You wanna be in it?

Metal Babe: I’d love to. Let’s make that happen! What can you tell us about the rest of the CD and remaining tracks?

Kenny: We stuck with the traditional Nova Rex sound with heavy guitar, kick ass grooves and it’s what fans expect to hear from us.

Metal Babe: How does this release compare to previous Nova Rex material?

Kenny Wilkerson of Nova Rex onstage rockin’ the Metal Babe Mayhem Pick Me! shirt.

Kenny: It’s just Nova Rex 2.0.

Metal Babe: Gotcha. What are your plans once the album is released? Do you have additional shows booked? Any chance you’ll make it to the West Coast?

Kenny: We are really excited that we are back to Rocklahoma. That is right around the corner! Then we are leaving next month to do an East Coast run (NY, NJ, PA, etc.) then off to Sturgis, Rockin the Rivers, and then we have a two-week run in the Great White North of Canada starting in Manitoba for Fall Jam 6 and ending up in Toronto at the Rockpile eh?Starting in Manitoba and ending up in Toronto. I do see some West Coast shows coming up in the near future. Do you have a spare room?

Metal Babe: Wow, the band is definitely going to be busy! I would love to see you out here on a Metal Babe Mayhem Sponsored show! Let’s talk about that spare room after we get your shows booked. [LAUGHS] Who are your biggest influences as a musician? Who inspired you to pick up the bass in the first place?

Kenny: The band definitely leans more towards if Van Halen had a baby with Whitesnake and popped out a two-headed kid. As far as myself, I am a little old school Chris Suire, Roger Glover, and John Paul Jones. All F’N monsters!

Metal Babe: Nova Rex has had some major accomplishments as a band. What’s it like to be ranked in the Top 50 of the Greatest Hair Bands of the 80’s by VH-1?

Kenny: That is a huge and unexpected honor, just too bad we weren’t higher on the charts because we ran out of Aqua Net…ha!

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Metal Babe: [LAUGHS] Good one! Nova Rex was featured in the hair metal documentary “Nova Rex: Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy,” and the film “Hair I go Again.” Tell me more about these and what it was like to be featured in both films. 

Kenny: The “Nova Rex: Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy” was a huge success, something that we kind of did for fun back in 2011, talking about the band’s history and the 80’s metal scene. It got picked up by the Documentary Channel and aired for a couple of years.

As far as “Hair I Go Again,” it was the brainchild of Steve and Kyle and we were very lucky to be a part of it and to be associated with members of Queensryche, Tesla, Warrant, and Quiet Riot to name just a few. You can catch this film in select theaters now.

Metal Babe: What last words would you like to say to your fans?

Kenny: Thanks for all the support throughout the years. Pick up a copy of our new CD, “Nova Rex: Rock Star Roadshow” and we will see ya on the road. Keep Rockin!

Metal Babe: Thanks for the interview Kenny. It’s been a lot of fun. I can’t wait to get my copy of the CD and talk more about being in your video for “I don’t Know.”

Pre-order the brand new Nova Rex CD ‘Nova Rex: Rock Star Roadshow’ and get their new CD autographed and a keepsake laminate! If just one item isn’t enough for you, check out their bundle specials! Release date Tuesday, June 13th. 

Nova Rex Band Links:
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