Chug the Walls Down We Are Wasted Album

Chug the Walls Down
We Are Wasted Album
Review by Boris Lee

we are wasted

Fun. With the current circumstances in the world, fun is something I believe we can all use a dose of. Since most of us are home because of the quarantine circumstances, fun is not an easy achievement to unlock in the game of life. Yet, there are those who are keeping fun, good spirited vibes flowing for everyone to ride the waves of now, and whenever the need arises.

Fun vibes are exactly what Santa Clarita based party-punk band, We Are Wasted are serving up shots of with their newest release, Chug it Down. The album is a solid shot of goofy, at times immature, but all around positive punch of punk pleasure.

Drop kicking things off on the album is a little reminder of what happened “Last Night.” The story to the song is identifiable with just about any age group and easily excavates memories of times one may have partied a little too hard, only to create legendary things to look back on.

“Second Base” comes in second place on the album, with a “Lickable” lyrical love letter to the all powerful magnetic flesh orbs reaching their bra breaking beauty. This song has the Gene Simmons lyrical lust to it. As does with “Drippy Legs,” which slips into the listener’s ears with a Journey meets GWAR groove. This song will get the listener bobbing their head in good spirited snaps or send them to the sensitivity circle. This one can be offensive to those with a less than an open mind.

The highlights hammer on to the next hit with “Hair of the Dog.” A punk pulse pounder of the facts for curing a hangover, the song picks up the pace of the album and brings more of a traditional punk music mosh to the party, falling into place with the likes of “Smokin’ Like a Chimney,” “As We Button Our Flannels,” “Inside My Mind,” “Another Round,” and what is arguably the strongest song on the album, “I Just Wanna Get Drunk.”

With the comedically serious approach to the lyrics, the musicianship is solid enough to show the band’s laid back approach to creativity is nothing to lie down about. The band shows versatility throughout the album, from shredding guitar solos, to heavy rhythm riffs, and fast-paced-pit-pulverizers that show their musical influences going back throughout the past three decades.

Though Chug it Down is a well-executed pile-driver of party-punk tunes, the album does not do the band justice for how talented they truly are. More so, the album did not have the energy on it We Are Wasted bring at their live shows. Much like KISS in their early days, it was their live shows that truly showed how energetic the band was, which transferred to the audience appreciation, helping their popularity and success more than their studio releases did. We Are Wasted have a similar situation. This band has an amazing fun-spirited energy during their live performance that is just not matched on the record. An example of how energetic and talented this band is can be observed from their performance during the recent Lockdown Rock Down. They sat on their couch and put on over twenty-minutes of non-stop good vibe music that anyone would be hard pressed to not enjoy.

All that said, Chug it Down is a good album full of pit ready party-punk anthems worthy of the 4 out of 5 raised horns I’m giving it.

We Are Wasted are a group of good time, good-hearted guys with success in their future. They have an ongoing campaign on Instagram attempting to get the attention of Fozzy frontman, the legendary wrestler, Le Champion, Chris Jericho, to be booked on his cruise, the Rock N Wrestling Rager. Everyday now for over the past year, the guys in the band have done Jericho’s finisher, The Walls of Jericho. The publicity has worked as several notable wrestling legends and musicians have called out Jericho to give We Are Wasted a chance on the cruise. I think the guys deserve a shot to be on the cruise based on their talent, commitment to their agenda, determination and desire to put on an amazing live show. So, Chris Jericho, take five minutes out and get in the pit with We Are Wasted. Just five minutes to convince you they belong on the cruise. Five minutes with Le Champion. They make it five minutes; they get on the cruise.

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we are wasted

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