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Texas-based band Victims of Sanity formed in early 2010 and released their first single ‘Fly Away’ that year. The band produced, recorded, and released the independent acoustic single themselves, and the digital download did extremely well on iTunes and Amazon. VoS describes their music as the perfect fusion of alternative hard rock, grunge, punk, and metal. Victims of Sanity have a great sense of pride for their hometown of Tyler, TX and have been playing shows locally in the Tyler/Dallas/Houston area. They also have had some nationally acclaimed success, playing the Whisky in Hollywood, CA. and opening for bands such as Rocket Queen and Black Stone Cherry.


When asked how the band came up with the name, they said “it means that we are all victims of our own sanity in such a crazy unpredictable world. We are all victims of our own mundane, monotonous lives and we all are victims of our own sanity trying to figure out the world as a whole.”

Victims of Sanity has spent the last four years establishing a fan base with both live shows and by building an online presence. They are currently working on recording a much-anticipated full-length CD, and bass player Seth Newberry is especially excited to be recording and mixing the album himself. The band is recording their album with a 1971 Ramsa Console which gives them a unique and vintage sound.

It is very important to Victims of Sanity that fans know they are approachable, available, and ready to hang out and engage with them after a show or while out on the town. They strongly believe in being ‘up close and personal’ with their fans.

The band as a whole is extremely passionate about music, and it is obvious during their live performances. Check the links below for more information on Victims of Sanity, keep a lookout for their upcoming release, and hopefully you will have the opportunity to catch them perform live.

Victims of Sanity is:

James Bennett – Vocals
Jeremiah Ansoh – Guitar
Trevor Newsom – Guitar
Terry Jannasch – Drums
Seth Newberry – Bass

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*Edited/Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen