Undercover Devil Sign with Rock Avenue Records, USA!

(13 December 2016 – Los Angeles, CA)

Undercover Devil Sign with Rock Avenue Records, USA!

Arkansas based power groove/metal band Undercover Devil sign with Rock Avenue Records, USA! The band, who is currently managed by Extreme Management Group, Inc. (EMG) is really looking forward to being included on a roster of great talent and hope that Rock Avenue Records, USA can help them get to the business at hand, which is “BURNING THE WORLD BLACK!”

Seth Erwin states that the band is “beyond excited to get hooked up with a label that believes in what we are doing and actually loves our music as is. The enthusiasm Louis and Mary Ann have shown confirms that Undercover Devil has a sound that stands apart from the ‘normal.’ “

Rock Avenue Records, USA is extremely excited to have Undercover Devil on their label and said “This powerhouse is just what is needed and will boost the label on many levels. Working with Undercover Devil is going to be exciting all the way around. We would like to Thank (EMG) Mark Muller for bringing Rock Avenue Records, USA this hard working and awesome band.”

Rock Avenue Records, USA will be releasing Undercover Devil’s album ‘Burn it Black’ with Rock Avenue Records, USA and EMG. (Release date TBD). Keep posted to Metal Babe Mayhem to be first to announce when the music is up and available to the public!

Band Members:
TJ Hobbs – Vocals
Eric Ahart – Lead Guitar/Vocals
David Lee Bailey – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Jerry Hughes – Rhythm Guitar
Seth Erwin – Drums

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Twitter – https://twitter.com/UnderCoverDevi1
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Other Rock Avenue Records, USA bands include: Waysted Youth, Stonebreed, Angeles, Mobile Death Camp, Leaving Eden, and Truck Patch Revival.

Mary Ann Hartman
Vice President and Media Director
Rock Avenue Records, USA




*Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen for Metal Babe Mayhem