Twitch Angry ~ UNVEIL OFFICIAL Album and Cover Art for ‘The Rag’

October 13th, 2017

Rock Avenue Records USA is Proud to announce the Signing of Twitch Angry

Twitch Angry ~ UNVEIL OFFICIAL Album and Cover Art for upcoming Release ‘The Rag’ By Rock Avenue Records USA

The album is titled ‘The Rag,’ and showcases expertise musicianship, songwriting, and musical performances. Twitch Angry brings out their Pure in-your-face Metal/Punk/Rock for all to see and hear. These musicians are heavy hitters, which is one of the many things that their fans love about them. With tracks such as “The Rag,” “Uncle Sam,” and “Murder,” Twitch Angry brings pure entertainment value to audiences around the world.

Twitch Angry – is so proud to be working with Rock Avenue Records USA. We look forward to getting our album out through a label and playing live shows so fans can come and listen and get their own copy of ‘The Rag.’

Rock Avenue Records USA – “From the first moment we heard Twitch Angry we knew we wanted this band on the label. With Videos that are just well made, the hard hitting playing of the band, we were excited to bring them to a larger crowd of fans.”

Twitch Angry Debut release of  Twitch Angry (The Rag) with Rock Avenue Records USA will officially be released for Radio and  Pre-Sale of the Physical CDs start on ~ October 13th, 2017. The release date for Digital Downloads on 33 different retailers is (10/31/17)

Physical CDs ~ (Rock Shop) direct link is, The physical albums will be shipped upon completion, 10/31/17 to 11/10/17


Artwork by: Twitch Angry

Twitch Angry is a 4-piece American Metal/Punk/Rock band based out of Sacramento, California. The band express powerful hard-hitting punches through their lyrics and music, bringing excitement to everyone who listens to them. ‘The Rag’ will be released worldwide on October 31st 2017 by Rock Avenue Records USA.

Band Members: 
Twitch  – Singer
Maven – Lead Guitar
Sinner- Rhythm Guitar
Marz  – Bass
Kyle – Drums



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Vice President of Rock Avenue Records USA ~ MaryAnn Hartman.
MaryAnn Hartman //MH@RockAveRecords.Com


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