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Twiggy and The Gryphon

Twiggy and The Gryphon is timeless jewelry with a purpose. Here we combine a dire necessity with an even greater luxury, making everything right with the world.

Our jewelry, made for men and women of all ages, can help save lives when seconds count, by displaying important medical information so that the proper treatment can be administered without question.

Our medical alert jewelry is affordable and beautiful. We have two price points to choose from. We have pre-engraved jewelry which is made with less expensive, however still well crafted, durable metals. We currently offer pre-engraved pieces to diabetics, but will offer pre-engraved jewelry for many other medical conditions in the near future.

We also have our personal engraved line, made of finer, more expensive metals. If you provide us with the information you would like engraved, we will create the ultimate one-of-a-kind piece, in both luxury and safety.

The Designer and co-founder of the company, Stephanie Davidson, was diagnosed with Type 1 juvenile diabetes in the fall of 2002. Looking for medical alert jewelry that she would like to wear, and finding nothing, Stephanie was given the inspiration to embark on her new business venture with Twiggy and The Gryphon.
Our first line of jewelry is now available at: