Tomorrow is a Road to Success

Tomorrow is a Road to Success

Written by Boris Lee

I’m not one to frown upon people who go after their passions at a later point in life. There are many out there who gain the means to do so after youth has passed by. That is, if you think youth is when your opportunities are most prominent or aging is a downfall in our existence. As a good friend said, “I like to look at getting older as leveling up.” That’s a good outlook. So, to reach level fifty and take a chance at a return to education, a culinary career, a career in journalism, or in the case of this review, singing, I am intrigued by such a desire.

Houston Texas vocal star, Suzy Wilson, presents a solid follow up to her twenty-fifteen debut The Best Revenge with her self titled release, Suzy. The album boasts strong vocals from Suzy and excellent musicianship from guitarist Norman Matthew (As Strange as Angels), drummer Matt Starr (Mr. Big, Ace Frehley), and Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh, Eagles, Crosby Stills, Nash, Peter Frampton) on drums and bass for the song, Road to Nowhere. Suzy is no stranger to putting her musical talents out there with the greats of the rock and metal genres, having shared the stage with Rob Halford and members of Judas Priest, and the Starchild himself, KISS frontman, Paul Stanley, thus the talent line-up for the album is fitting.

Each of the five tracks on Suzy’s self-titled sophomore release has its own personality compiling a diverse vibe while still sharing an overall positive storyteller feel.

The record opens with Tomorrow, a tour de force rock anthem about getting through life’s challenges. The theme of the song is a classic tale of looking past today’s darkness and to the fruitful potential of a better tomorrow. One part of modern feeling guitars, one part strong drumming, and one part smooth vocal work, makes for a modern song with a true to form rock formula at its foundation.

Time to Go continues the modern feel with a classic message in lyrics and performance. The song has commercial success potential and should be the call to arms for women scorned by abusive relationships that find strength in their heart to discard the toxicity, finding value in themselves they deserve.

Song placement is important in keeping the hook with your listeners, and the third song on the record proves that. Slowing the pace with Road to Nowhere, Suzy presents a story about reflecting on the decisions of life and focusing on today going into tomorrow with no certainty, but a hopeful outlook on reaching your deserved and desired destination.

Life is a Song, the fourth song on the record, presents a feel-good message to look at things from an optimistic approach. You are in control of your destiny and however you chose to live this life, believe in yourself and what you can overcome. The song puts images of triumph and smiling faces of all diversity on my mind.

Suzy closes with what I feel is the strongest offer on the record, Lies. Once again, the musicianship comes together to present a commercial friendly feel to the song without losing touch in lyrical message and heartfelt rock vibe. The story behind the song is familiar to women living in relationships shrouded by dishonesty. Just as Time to Go was about women escaping from unhealthy relationships, Lies is about returning to the familiarity of insanity.

Suzy does a good job of creating her own vocal sound. I’ve heard attempted comparisons to her vocals and disagree with all of them. Suzy has her own sound and it’s refreshing. Overall, Suzy’s self-titled release is a powerhouse modern take on classic concept rock songs.

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