The Roadkill (From Norway)

The RoadKill 

The Roadkill has been described as “The perfect cocktail, blending essentials of 80′s shred, 90′s rock, and timeless industrial metal.” Lyrically and musically the band is genuine, original, provocative, and emotionally moving.

Photo by Ameli Jakobsen

The Roadkill was originally present in Norway between June 2009 and September 2011. During that time, the band never really ‘took off’ due to disagreements regarding their musical style and band image. Thomas Jacobsen, who was the primary founder and vocalist, had ideas on the direction they should be going and decided it was time to entirely revamp The Roadkill. Thomas asked their current manager Morten St. Elmo to join the band as their new guitarist. It made perfect sense since Morten knew the band’s music better than anyone else. Morten and Thomas brought The Roadkill back to life in 2012, and worked side by to revive the band.

The first thing this ‘perfect team’ did was record a brand new single “Lock Up Your Daughter,” along with Third Brigade drummer Andreas Mustvedt. (Morten played both guitar and bass, and Thomas was on vocals.) Mustvedt was offered a permanent spot in The Roadkill at that time, but he declined since his primary commitment was to his own band.

The single was released New Year’s Eve 2012 and received fabulous reviews and publicity in Norway, and rapidly spread into the International community as well. During the first month of its release, “Lock Up Your Daughter” reached  #1 on Norwegian underground chart Urørt and was in rotation on several radio stations throughout the United States.

After basking in the success of their first single, it was time to track down the remaining members of the band to fit their edgy and dirtier sound/image. They found both the hard-hitting drummer Jan A. Christiansen and sexy and talented bass player Sigrid Moe online. They found Jan first, that February, and Sigrid Moe followed four months later.

Prior to Sigrid joining the band, they played a show at the Hard Rock Café with a local bassist Vegard Maniaxe. They had a great first show with Jan on drums, but were determined to find a permanent female bassist. They didn’t give up until they found Sigrid. Once the lineup was complete, they released their next single “Choke” on September 28th 2013. They received such rave reviews for “Choke” that the band released a video for the song that December. The much-anticipated album ‘Reborn’ was released December 28th 2013.

The Roadkill covers such a wide spectrum of music, ranging from rock to gothic industrial, it is hard to pigeonhole them into just one category… And you won’t want to! The band spent several months touring through Norway and enjoyed playing material from their latest release. They got a great response to their CD and live shows from music journalists throughout the world.

On April 16th The RoadKill played the legendary Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California. They also released their third single “Give in to Me” that same day. This was a true milestone for The RoadKill. The band put on a powerful and intense show and the audience response to their first Hollywood show was overwhelming.

Roadkill Bjørn Erik Kristiansen
Photo by Bjørn Erik Kristiansen

The RoadKill will continue to perform locally, polishing their material and live performance in anticipation of their upcoming North American Reborn USA tour 2014. Keep a lookout for The Roadkill in a city near you!


*Edited/Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

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