Teesh Esparsen Creations and The Brown Suga Band

Teesh Esparsen of Teesh Esparsen Creations and The Brown Suga Band

Teesh Bio Pic

Teesh Esparsen is an up-n-coming artist who is full of passion and puts her heart and soul into everything she does, including sculpture welding and music.


Teesh, originally from Santa Fe, NM, began her career in the arts in 1999 when she attended the Colorado Institute of Art and majored in Fine Art/Computer Animation. While living in Colorado, Teesh found herself at a point in her life where she needed a change and wanted to focus solely on art and music. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her artistic and musical goals, and to further advance her career as a lighting tech. In addition to lighting and music, she is digging in deep to the art of sculpture welding and is in her 2nd year at Pierce College as a welding student.


Teesh has quite a bit of experience under her belt, with working as a lighting tech and spot operator for the past 20 years, while doing music; singing, playing guitar, and writing songs. Teesh has performed live all over the Los Angeles area with The Brown Suga Band at major venues such as the House of Blues in Hollywood (with Jonavi) and the Viper Room, the Brass Monkey, Drifters, Universal Bar & Grill, Bar 20, and Skinny’s Lounge.


Teesh is a singer who plays electric/acoustic guitar and writes original blues, folk, and rock music. Her musical influences range from Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to Korn, the Deftones, and Beth Hart. She loves every kind of music, from metal to opera, and everything in between.


Teesh has been working on a project called “The Peephole Chronicles” for the past 10 years and recently had the opportunity for her very first art exhibit at McGroarty Arts Center, which featured 20 (of the 40) drawings in her three-volume series “People You Never Want to See at Your Front Door.”


  • Volume 1 includes drawings of the Police, FBI, Al Capone, and Vlad
  • Volume 2 includes celebrities/characters Elvis Presley, Edward Scissorhands, Ozzy Osbourne, and more
  • Volume 3 includes serial killers such as Hannibal Lector, Charles Manson, Lizzie Borden, and Jack the Ripper


Recently, Teesh began creating music-related art pieces, such as the original guitar lamp pictured below. She describes this piece of art as “rustic with a modern touch.”


Contact Teesh at tesparsen@gmail.com if you are interested in commissioned artwork.