Steven Adler’s Art Exhibit ‘50’ Is A Success

Steven Adler’s Art Exhibit ‘50’ Is A Success

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Forgotten Saints (Hollywood Rock N’ Roll store) presented ‘50’ by Steven Adler and publisher SceneFour on Saturday, April 18th.  The gallery displayed 14 pieces, and Adler was available to answer questions and take photos with customers and fans. When asked why it was called ’50,’ Adler said that he just turned 50 and was lucky to be alive. In addition, he had 50 limited edition prints available of each piece.


Adler showcased a unique form of art, called “Rhythm-On-Canvas,” which depicts  music rhythms by using drumsticks that light up in a variety of different ways, and then are translated visually to canvas.

The exhibit displayed songs from the entire ‘Appetite For Destruction’ CD, “Reckless Life” and “Civil War.” One of my personal favorite pieces was for “It’s So Easy,” where you can actually see an image of Adler’s face and it looks like he is holding a rose.

They held an intimate VIP reception that night for those who purchased art during the exhibit, and Adler was present and happy to engage. Glenn Hughes, (Deep Purple/California Breed) Marq Torien, (Bulletboys) and John 5 were in attendance, along with many customers and fans, and longtime friends Pamela Manning, Patrick Stone, and Johnny Martin.

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