Learning About SoFlo Video Production Studio from Sam Novick

Learning About SoFlo Video Production Studio from Sam Novick
Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

SoFlo Video Production Studio is the place to go to if you need to do a photo or video shoot in Southern Florida. It was so interesting talking to Sam Novick about everything they offer, including themed rooms, props, lights, post-production, and even prop vehicles. They also offer restaurants/nightclubs and mansions for photo/video shoots. Checkout our interview below and contact SoFlo if you are in the area!

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen: Hi Sam. It’s great to have a chance to talk with you about SoFlo Video Production Studio.

Sam Novick: Hi Alison, it’s great to be here. Yes, let’s get started.

Metal Babe: First of all, how long have you had this studio and how did it all come about? Are you a musician?

Sam: We have had this studio for a few years. We have been using it with a small group of videographers and recently decided in June to make it available publicly and start marketing ourselves to local filmmakers, videographers, and producers that would love to use our studio facility. We have had many new artists book our studio for their music video.

I do play a 5-stringed electric bass-guitar, not currently in a band or anything (LAUGHS).

Metal Babe: Your studio is available for both video and photo shoots. I am so impressed with the themed rooms, and the variety and creativity that each one has. Can you tell me a little bit about the different rooms available?

Sam: Well, these are standing sets. Although it does look like many rooms, some of them are actually in the same room.

Metal Babe: Wow, that is really interesting.

Hotel Lobby

Sam: We have a two-story studio. On our second floor is our Interrogation Room, Hospital Room, Locker Room, Police Station, Classroom, and our Green Screen. Our Interrogation Room, Prison, and Police Station sets are part of the same room. The Classroom and Hospital Room are right next to each other and we can move one set to create more space for the other if needed.

On the first floor we have our raw Studio Space, Padded Room, and Hotel Lobby sets. The padded room is taken down completely when someone needs the raw studio space on the first floor.

Between the first and second floor is our Graffiti Stairwell. Originally it was a boring white wall, and white rails stairwell, so we decided to turn it into something that would also be usable for music videos.

We also offer a restaurant/nightclub shoot location which is located in Hollywood, Florida and is part of Hollywood Events. We also rent a few different real mansions all located in south Florida.


Metal Babe: That all sounds amazing. It’s great that you offer props with the rooms as well, such as uniforms, handcuffs, fake medical equipment, fake money, guns, etc. What can you tell me about this?

Sam: Props are very important to make each set realistic. You can’t be in a prison cell without a prison outfit. And in an Interrogation Room, suspects are still wearing handcuffs, so we provide real handcuffs.


Metal Babe: You even offer vehicle rentals, such as police cars, helicopters, and jets?

Sam: Yes, prop vehicles will cost extra though. We contacted some local vendors and asked if they would be willing to rent their own vehicles, the prices are very affordable compared to anywhere else. Please call, text, or email us for more information as prices will vary depending how the vehicle will be used and availability will vary.

Metal Babe: How did you come up with the ideas for each concept?

Sam: We looked at what most artists in the area were using for their music videos and we went from there.

Metal Babe: Is there a room that is the most popular, and do you have a personal favorite?

Sam: Our most popular room is the interrogation room. My favorite is our LED Wall Setup. The owner, JP, is in the video dancing to some music just to show off the lights.

LED Wall Setup

Metal Babe: Nice. Can you tell me more about the video production services you provide?

Sam: We provide videographers, film crew, and grips for clients that do not have a videographer or any sort of film crew, though it will cost extra. We also do video editing and any post production you need, although that will also be extra depending on what it is.

Metal Babe: In addition to video production, you also offer stage lighting and music video lighting that you can deliver to locations in South Florida. How does that work?

Sam: Yes, our equipment is available to rent outside of our studio. The music video LED lighting is $300 for the lights, technician, laptop, and everything required to run them for one of our setups, plus an additional $300 for transporting it.

Our other lights that do not require a lighting technician are available to rent outside of our studio as well, but only with a deposit that will cover the costs of the lights that are rented out (refunded after receiving the lights back and tested). This is to protect ourselves from our equipment getting lost, damaged, or stolen.

Metal Babe: Anything else you would like to add?

Sam: Our props are also available to rent outside of our studio. Call, text or email us for prices. Just let us know what you would like to rent and we will let you know. If someone has done a shoot here and they need a prop or outfit again for the same video project they’re working on, why use a different prop or outfit?

Metal Babe: I think your studio looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to check it out next time I’m in Florida! Thank you for your time Sam. It’s been fun!

Sam: It has been a pleasure. Your readers will be astonished when they see our studio.

Website: http://www.soflostudio.com/
InstaGram: http://www.instagram.com/soflostudio