Seven Questions with Joseph Michael of Sanctuary/Witherfall

Seven Questions with Joseph Michael of Sanctuary/Witherfall
Written by Leah Burlington

Leah Burlington: Hey Joseph! You are out on tour with Sanctuary right now singing as a tribute to the mighty Warrel Dane, who passed away last year. The tour is also with Kill Ritual and Iced Earth. Your friend and guitarist for Witherfall, Jake Dryer is playing with Iced Earth. His playing on the new album, ‘Incorruptible,’ is incredible.

Joseph Michael: Yes, thanks for the interview Leah! The tour has been going great. Jake and I are excited to be a part of two legendary heavy metal bands. I (of course) was honored to be asked to fulfill vocal duties in Sanctuary after Warrel passed. Today would have been his birthday.

Leah: How is the tour going and how are the fans treating you singing in Sanctuary?

Joseph: Well, Warrel was an influence of mine. I have a lot of respect for his work and the work of Sanctuary and Nevermore. I knew going in that it would not only take my abilities but also my sensitivity to the difficult situation. The fans seem to really love our live show. I’m excited to be here and though I cannot speak for the other guys, everyone seems happy that the decision to continue was made.

Leah: What city has shown the best love for you and the other bands so far?

Joseph: That’s like asking which ex-(boy/girlfriend) was the biggest (@@@/!!!) Everyone has been very enthusiastic, although the crowds in the Midwest and Canada get some extra points for bearing the cold of winter to come out to the show.

Leah: Any fun road stories yet?

Joseph: I have photos. Let’s just say, lock your bus when Jake Dreyer has been drinking.

Leah: How are all the bands getting along?

Joseph: Why wouldn’t we? I think Iced Earth and Sanctuary played some festivals together in the past. Everyone here is professional and respectful.

Leah: When is Witherfall going to tour for your album, that is just brilliant?

Joseph: Well we have some stuff in Japan coming up. Also, as soon as this tour is over we will go into the studio for our second album. We have a bonus track coming out on the 13th for our Japanese re-release of ‘Nocturnes and Requiems’ via Ward Records.

Leah: What else is in the future for Joseph Michael?

Joseph: As always in life, the good stuff cannot be shared.

Leah: Plug anything you want here.

Joseph: Yes, thank you Leah for being a positive and uplifting character through the din and haze of treacherous paths.

Leah: Thank you Joseph! Hope to see you onstage soon!

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*Originally posted in Sin City Presents Magazine