Rock Avenue Records, USA – Signs Star Crystal

(26 June 2017 – Los Angeles, CA.)
Rock Avenue Records, USA – Signs Star Crystal

Rock Avenue Records, USA is excited to sign Star Crystal to the label. Star Crystal, a Rock/Pop band from Kiev, Ukraine, is the second European band on the label. Rock Avenue Records, USA looks for the best artists from around the world, who have drive, passion, and the ability to be the best by working hard. “With all the strife in the world today, we are fortunate to have music to unite us all, and are so glad that Star Crystal is part of our label now.”  Their New Album (Follow Me) is to be released in the next month. It will be available on all Digital Downloads worldwide.

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Star Crystal – We  are delighted that Rock Avenue Records, USA has decided to work with our band and help grow our dreams by bringing our music to the world. Star Crystal states that their “music is so very important to them and is meant for all to hear and feel the power of life.” They continue with this powerful statement: “Everything can be lived through; the main thing is to choose to live.” Star Crystal believes that music is a friend that always shares your mood and disposition. They wish to share their music with the world and believe that their music will open your feelings. They are looking to explore the realms of how everyone expresses and feels music without losing the feelings that coarse through your veins when you hear music played. Star Crystal expresses their love of music in their songs, and hopes that if you listen closely to the lyrics, you will recognize a part of yourself and be able to find your story in their music.

Vocalist Susanna Radimovskaya began singing in her school choir, where her music teacher took notice of her talent and convinced her that she could reproduce feelings with her voice and pass them on to other people.

Through  fate and destiny, she met an ambitious and charming guitarist (Alex Nasyrov). They became friends and began composing music together. They decided they needed a full band in order to reflect the energy they felt, and they began looking for the final pieces of their musical “family.” Step by step, they first found a drummer, (Yuii) then a pianist, (Illia) and finally a bass player.(Yevhen). Star Crystal is now a living mechanism that has been bound with its energy and faith into an inseparable unity the music.

Star Crystal – “Don’t Give Up” (Official Video)

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Band Members
Susanna Radimovskaya – vocals
Alex Nasyrov – guitar
Yuriy Manyshev – drums
Yevhen Toderash – bass
Illia Dubchak – keyboards
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Band videos are up now, and Star Crystal’s Interview will be up soon  – www.MyJamTv.Tv  rock avenue records usa

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