Rock Avenue Records, USA – Signs Contortion to the Label

(11 March 2017 – Los Angeles, CA)

Rock Avenue Records, USA – Signs Contortion out of Southern California.

Rock Avenue Records, USA and Extreme Management Group, are proud to announce the signing of Contortion. Contortion signed with Extreme Management Group, (EMG) in 2015 and has now signed with Rock Avenue Records, USA.

Vocalist/guitar player Brian Stone is “thrilled to be added to the Rock Avenue Records, USA roster, and foresees a fruitful and productive year.” Brian Stone commented, Contortion’s goal is to “see the new partnership flourish, and with a lot of effort and a little bit of luck we shall climb to greater heights.”

Contortion has been described as “brutal, hard hitting, intense, and evocative!” The name Contortion itself describes the twisted and diverse style of their music perfectly. They never adhere to a particular sound, and touch on the most attractive features of many different metal styles.

Contortion formed in 2011 and have released one CD to date; ‘Live Grenade.’ If you listen to Contortions lyrics, you will see that they have a message and are shedding light on the military state, media manipulation, and corporate corruption. Their new album to be released in June 2017 is ‘False Flag Paradigm.’ Press release will be announced once the band completes the new recording.

This hard-hitting band out of Southern California is currently preparing for a U.S. tour and is ready to bring it on and out to the masses.

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Mary Ann Hartman
Vice President and Media Director
Rock Avenue Records, USA


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