(20 March 2017 – Los Angeles, CA)

ROCK AVENUE RECORDS, USA – SIGNS ALTERNATIVE BAND THE MIDNIGHT ECHO OUT OF GUELPH, CANADA. Rock Avenue Records, USA is proud to announce the signing of their first band from Guelph, Canada! At the first listen to (The Midnight Echo) this alternative band had a sound all their own. The band’s’ musicality and determination to get on the label and get out on the road to play all over Canada and the USA in 2017 was their first and foremost desire.

The Midnight Echo is an alternative band based out of Guelph, Canada who is to release their debut album (Voyager) with Rock Avenue Records, USA worldwide late spring 2017. The band stands out from other alternative acts because they have achieved a huge, reverb-oriented sound that is mixed with atmospheric and anthemic qualities. The Midnight Echo’s music is filled with passion, and rich with intensity, angst, and emotion.

Joel Lalonde (singer/guitar player) is “absolutely thrilled to be joining Rock Avenue Records, USA.” This is a huge step for The Midnight Echo and they are looking forward to meeting new fans, spreading their music all over the world, and playing some bigger shows in the coming year! The band thanks everyone who has supported them so far on their journey and can’t to see what the future holds!

The Midnight Echo have big plans for 2017, as they begin to line up shows and festivals for the upcoming months. A loyal fan base has been growing quickly and steadily, and the members of the band cannot wait to get out and play songs off of their new record (Voyager).

The Midnight Echo

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Guide You Home – The Midnight Echo, Live in Windsor

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