Revolutionary 24-Hour Music Video Network My Jam TV

Revolutionary 24-Hour Music Video Network My Jam TV
Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

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Who remembers when MTV used to play music videos? If you don’t remember personally, you have at least heard about it at some point, or turned it on only to find a talk show, game show, or reality show… Everything EXCEPT actual music.

David S. Zucker is an avid music fan that grew up in New York City in the 80’s, enjoying live music at the legendary CBGB’S. With the current lapse in music videos on television, Zucker decided to take matters into his own hands and partner up with a music lover with similar interests and beliefs to form My Jam TV.

My Jam TV is a revolutionary 24-hour music video network that caters to all types of music and is currently broadcasting videos from over 400 bands in 240 countries. Bands are guaranteed airplay at least twice (per video) during a 24-hour period. In addition, bands are given their own custom updatable fan page on the My Jam TV website. This is great for bands who do not have an actual website, and provides additional exposure for those that do.

On top of all that, bands have a chance for radio airplay, radio interviews, and potentially the opportunity to play a live show that is broadcast worldwide in a 360-degree video format.

My Jam TV has partnered up with several reputable magazines and businesses, including Rock Avenue Records, Metal Babe Mayhem, Indie Scene Radio, Rock Show Magazine, Hot97 Media, Hamilton Radio, Red Giant Promo, and more.

My Jam TV, with the support of their partners, is bringing back the days when fans could enjoy music videos 24 hours a day and, at the same time, is offering bands a platform for affordable worldwide exposure.

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