Review and Interview with Stacey Blades of Electric Radio Kings

Review and Interview with Stacey Blades of Electric Radio Kings

Review/Interview/Photos by Leah Burlington

We are with guitarist Stacey Blades from the new upcoming rock band  Electric Radio Kings. They just dropped a new EP ‘Lights Fantastic,’ which includes four original songs and a Stone Temple Pilots cover. They recorded the EP in Vegas at Danny Koker’s Desert Moon Studio and it was produced by AJ St. James.

Electric Radio Kings also played their first show as a band with their new original music at Koker’s club, Count’s Vamp’d on electric radio kingsFriday, December 8th to a great crowd. They played a short and sweet set of their originals and two covers. The crowd was up on their feet dancing and rocking out to their music! After talking with several people after the show, the consensus was, this is a kick ass new rock n roll band with great energy! They left us wanting more… and more! 

Leah Burlington: Tell us who is in the band?

Stacey Blades:

Vocals – Paul Christiana (New Orleans, LA.)
Guitar – Keith Horne (Los Angeles, CA.)
Guitar – Stacey Blades (Las Vegas, NV.)
Drums – Johnny Rude (Las Vegas, NV.)
Bass – Del Cheetah (Las Vegas, NV.)

Leah: Where did you come up with the name Electric Radio Kings?

Stacey: The band was originally going to use Stereo Kings and Paul came up with Electric Radio Kings, and we were like that’s it!

Leah: You have recorded a new EP here in Vegas. Is there a full album on the way and are you looking for a record label?

Stacey: Yes, we are planning on shopping a deal right off the start for the new year. We have some more fantastic songs that haven’t been recorded yet

Leah: How is this band different from what you have done in the past?

Stacey: The sound is more contemporary, more of a modern vibe, but with lots of classic elements. Lots of different styles with this band… Rock, alternative, pop, and hard rock.

Leah: What is your vision for the future of this band?

Stacey: Put out a record, tour, videos… The works! The vision is success. 😉

Leah: Anything you would like to plug or add?

Stacey: Our single “Grabbing At A Distant Star” is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter

Leah: Thank you Stacey, and good luck with your new band Electric Radio Kings!