Randy Black Interview – Primal Fear

Randy Black – Primal Fear

By Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Randy Black is the current drummer for German metal band Primal Fear. He joined the Band in August of 2003 and has released four CD’s with them to date. Randy Black and Primal Fear are currently on tour promoting their recent release “16.6.” Black is also in the process of putting out a DVD titled “The Black Book, an Introduction to Creative Metal Drumming,” that will be out later this year.


Primal FearMetal Babe Mayhem (MBM): Welcome to L.A. It’s been a while. We are excited to have you here. There are even a few fans lined up outside, and everyone is super excited.

Randy: Cool. We are too. We were really looking forward to doing this trip. It’s been since 2003 that we really toured the ‘Halford and The Metal Gods tour’. That’s when we last did an official tour here.

MBM: You guys played BB Kings in New York, right?

Randy: That was the last show we did on that tour. But the tour got cancelled.

MBM: Why did the tour get cancelled?

Randy: I don’t know. I mean, that was right about the time there were rumors that Rob was gonna get back with Priest. I think the tour just couldn’t support the costs. Really, I think that’s what happened. That wasn’t the official reason, and it was unfortunate, because it was going great.

MBM: It’s too bad that tour got cancelled. This is my first Primal Fear experience and I got to hear some of the sound check- it sounded really good. I’m excited to see you guys play. Tell me more about you, your background; you’ve been in Primal Fear since 2003?

Randy: Yes. September 2003. I did The Metal Gods tour just as a substitute at first. And about three months later they were looking for a drummer and remembered the tour and offered me the gig, so that’s when I joined. It’s been going good. We just put out “16.6,” my fourth record with them.

MBM: Primal Fear has quite an extensive catalog. What can fans expect from a live Primal Fear show? Will you be focusing primarily on your new CD or will you choose songs from throughout your catalog?

Randy: It’s a good mix. There are four from the new one, and band favorites from recent tours and past tours make up the rest of the set.

MBM: Do you have a favorite song off the new CD?

Randy: Probably “Black Rain” or “Torn.”

Primal FearMBM: Will you be playing either of those tonight?

Randy: No, Unfortunately. But I have fun playing the stuff anyways. Even though it’s not my favorites off the record, they’re good- definitely!

MBM: Now, what about Skew Siskin? Do you play with them too?

Randy: No, I actually left them about a year and a half ago. I played with them for two years, and did their most recent record ‘til now, “Peace Breaker.” No, I don’t play with them anymore. We’re still in contact and stuff and you never know what happens in the future.

MBM: Do you have any other projects in the works?

Randy: Dusk Machine is my other side project I do in Berlin. It’s a more thrash metal band, and more of a hobby. A few of the guys are working full time. So, when there’s time in between Primal Fear then we’ll do something. We’re going to have a new CD coming out probably in January.

MBM: You are also working on a DVD. How is that going?

Randy: It’s actually done. It’s just being authored now. The menu is being done. I haven’t seen the finished product. When I get back to Berlin I should be checking it out and I hope to release it by the end of October, or beginning of November. I’m really excited about it.

MBM: Is it an instructional video?

Randy: It started as only an instructional DVD and the guy that filmed it and produced it said let’s do an interview and do a story of your drummer career from when you were old enough to hold a stick. It’s filled with pictures and some video and some special guests. And it’s something that I didn’t plan. He just said spontaneously, why don’t we do this? Anyone who’s a fan of any of the bands I played with in the past might find it interesting. I hope they do. It’s almost three hours running time.

Primal FearMBM: Well, I will definitely keep a lookout and I’ll spread the word.

Randy: That will help.

MBM: Tell me more about Pamela Moore. You’re meeting her in Atlanta? How did all that come about?

Randy: Well, Ralf and Pamela have had contact for a few years. He must have asked if she wanted to guest sing with us for a few shows. Obviously she was into it and said yes, we are looking forward to it, definitely.

MBM: That will be really fun. I’ve seen her duet with Geoff Tate and Queensryche.

Randy: Yeah, I’ve seen her do that too. It will only be a song, but we are looking forward to it. It should be interesting… something different.

MBM: Definitely. Have you guys had guests before or done anything like that?

Randy: Well, Simone Simons from Epica. She sang on one song on the “New Religion” album, “Every Time it Rains.” But she hasn’t song with us live, so Pamela will be the first, I think.

MBM: Good. Atlanta, NY and Canada?

Randy: Montreal I think as well, yeah.

MBM: I wish we got that here. That would have been awesome.

Randy: Yeah. That would have been cool. That’s one interesting thing happening on this tour.

MBM: Why did you just pick the five U.S. dates?

Randy: Some of the guys in the band work…We had to keep it short on this. We just recently did South America. We are kind of limited on the amount of dates we can do.

MBM: What about Rock Gone Wild? You were supposed to play that and then the whole thing got cancelled.

Randy: Yeah-that really hurt us. We had flights booked and everyone was looking forward to it. But, that’s what happens in this business. It’s so unpredictable, and yeah, we were surprised, and not surprised.

MBM: So did they refund your plane tickets?

Randy: No, at the moment it looks like it’s a total loss. We had eight tickets from Germany. It’s a lot of money. I had some family that was planning to come out. I’m sure glad they didn’t book stuff.

MBM: Well that’s good, at least. Do you have any final questions, statements, or anything you would like to tell our readers?

Randy: Thanks for the support. Thanks to anyone who’s bought our records, kept the metal vibe alive, and helped to bring us over here to tour. It’s great, we are really happy about that. And, rumor has it; we are supposed to come over in the New Year, March…April… something like that, for 3 or 4 weeks.

MBM: Randy, thank you so much for your time and thoughts. I really appreciate it.

Make sure to pick up Primal Fear’s latest release, “16.6” and checkout Randy Black’s upcoming DVD, “The Black Book, an Introduction to Creative Metal Drumming” when it’s release later this year. Also keep a lookout for Primal Fear Tour Dates next March or April. They put on an AMAZING show that you will not want to miss! Check out Primal Fear and Randy Black at: