Psst… Have You Heard “The Rumours?”

Psst… Have You Heard “The Rumours?”

Written by: Shawna La’jame for The Best Unsigned Rock and Roll Bands in America

We’ve all heard the old adage, “…You can’t always believe what you hear.” Yet, believe it or not, the truth is, it’s The Rumours that really catch our attention… Originating in 2014, The Rumours, (TR) are a female fronted rock band from Waterloo, Iowa, with the kind of raw intensity and edgy sound you’ll want to repeat, again and again…

The Rumours consists of:
Carli Foxx: Rhythm guitar/Lead Vocals
Ela Rose: Bassist/Backup Vocals
StewTheDew : Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals
Daniel Kluiter: Drums

The Rumours1

SL: Hello there… I hear some ‘Congratulations’ are in order, for being selected as one of the “Best Unsigned Rock And Roll Bands in America! We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us today… So, let’s rewind back to April, 2014… What first inspired The Rumours, anyways?

CF: Joan Jett. The first time I saw Joan Jett play, I knew that she was doing exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. So, after being in a couple bands/acts, I decided to start The Rumours.

SL: Joan Jett rocks, and on that note, let’s “put another dime in the jukebox, baby.” (LAUGHS) So tell us, how did you all meet?

CF: Ela Rose, (our bassist) and I have known each other since we were freshman in high school. By the time we were seniors, we were best friends, and I taught her how to play bass, because who doesn’t want to be in a band with their best friend? (IMO) Stuart (StutheDew) joined the band about the same time, as we found him on Facebook saying: “he wanted to try out for the band.” Lastly, I’ve been begging Daniel Kluiter, (our drummer) to join The Rumours for what seemed like a year or so, and he finally joined, and I met Daniel as I went to my first band try­out, in his basement.

I’ll bet you two ladies created quite a stir of echoes in high school too! How old were you when you decided you wanted to be a rock star?

CF: Specifically a rockstar – 14 years old, but as long as I can remember, I wanted to be “famous.” SL: Well, when you’re “famous,” one does expect to hear “ The Rumours,” so… *smiles* Speaking of which, we’ve all heard it echoed, how “Rock” makes it harder for women to climb to the top…” Do you feel you have to work twice as hard as a female lead in a band? Also, what are the pros and cons?

CF: Yes and no.

Okay, please elaborate a bit more on the “Pros.”

CF: Unfortunately, and fortunately, as a girl, you’re going to get more people up to the stage, or at least watching your band as a female because, let’s be real­­­ guys love that stuff. Then again, you have your chicks like me, who favor female bands, that are going to be interested in that as well. The best part is, a lot of people talk to us like we’re just “little, pretty figures,” that hold an instrument; but by the time we’re done playing, these people are amazed by the real, raw, performance we just put on, right in front of their eyes… I like to show how hard the chicks rock!

SL: You’re on a roll Carli, and TR definitely will ROCK you­­­ with a gritty power and intensity, that may cause aftershocks… Now, let’s dig up the dirt on the “Cons?”

CF : Like I said, so many people treat us disrespectfully because we’re women, or don’t give us a fair chance, because we’re women. Why is that? I don’t know, because we’re fully capable of getting the job done. We might do it a little differently than a man, but guess what? We can do it tooOtherwise, it rocks being a chick in a band!

I hear that, and hope any “naysayers” hear the message loud and clear… Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? What made you choose the Rock genre?

CF: Rock n’ roll is just simply, who I am. When I saw my last Motley Crue show, I The Rumours1thought, “Wow, this is the last that is going to be made of this, with the actual original people, who created this amazing thing.” I have to keep this going…

: Yes, and I second the notion, to keep “ The Rumours” in motion… Since we’re moving in that direction, anyhow… What song of yours do you feel the most connection with, and what is it about that song that sticks out?


CF: Strangely, it’s the song that I don’t even play guitar on. We have this new tune called, “Let’s Get it On,” and I get to connect with the crowd; and talk about exactly what I want to talk about, and show them exactly how I feel about that song, and make them feel that too. It’s the only song I don’t play the guitar on, but it’s very, very, VERY straight forward, and it’s just one of those songs… You can’t really explain it, other than feeling what it gives you.

SL: Exactly. You’re connecting with the feeling it gives you, so we can feel you, too. It’s a beautiful thing! Moving right along… What are the best and worst aspects of band life while being out on the road?

CF: Let’s start with the worst. Disagreements happen, and people get stressed and take it out on each other, sometimes. Schedules are really hard to work with too. While we could be on this amazing show somewhere, somebody has important, prior commitments to do whatever, and that gets difficult. It’s also really hard to stay up on emails, and social media, and all of that… We get pretty tired sometimes too.

The best part though, is everything! It outweighs all the bad things. Once you’re out on the road doing what you love, playing shows every night, and having to worry about pretty much just that, it’s amazing. Plus, you get to meet all these amazing people out there, and have the best time with them. For instance, right now, we’re on tour with a band from Peoria, IL called, “Drugs Delaney,” and we’ve never had a better time with any group of musicians, or people in general.

SL: Sweet! So, you’ll have more tales to tell us, in the future… But, let’s rewind for minute… Who was your biggest musical inspiration and why?

CF: This is difficult. I always loved Joan Jett… B­ecause to me, she is the rock n’ roll queen. The Rumours Pic - ANDREWBut, Tom Petty really inspired me as a kid too. Otherwise, Liz Phair for sure. So, it’s a mixture of the three.  

SL: Wow, that’s one heck of a threesome! What sort of message do you want your music to convey?

CF: The message I want to get out is, I’m not letting rock n’ roll die, and if you have a problem with that, get out, because it’s not gonna happen. Another message I try to get out is this… We as people, are able to do absolutely anything that we ever want to do, and hopefully for the better. Especially in a day and age like this one, it’s important to have somebody (or something) telling you that you can do whatever, your little heart desires.

SL: ~and what a heartfelt message to deliver, my dear… Okay, what’s the word on this… What group attributes do you think defines the success or failure of a band?

CF: Failure of a band: to me, is giving up­­­ not giving it your allI’m not really a fan of the “selling out” thing either, but “hey, not my business.” Success however, is getting to play on the road as often as possible; while still being able to pay your bills and everything else, and maybe even have a little spending cash, if we’re lucky… 😉

SL: Well, rumour has it, that you can bank on it! If you weren’t a musician, what other career might we find you working within? Also, do any of you have day jobs?

CF: I thought about this other day actually. If I couldn’t be in a band, I would go insane! I have to be a musician, I love this more than anything! Otherwise, my ideal dream job, would be a graphic designer for a band, or a music club. Yes, I do have a couple of day jobs. I work at a restaurant as a waitress/bartender, and I work at a Anheuser ­Busch distributing company.

SL: Well, you can certainly dish it out Carli, and I’ll drink to that! (LAUGHS) Let’s talk a bit about the struggle, because we hear “the struggle is real…” What is the most challenging aspect of being a female in the rock industry?

CF: I’d have to say, probably the fear of not being good enough. So, my own head really… You see complete, total babes that are in this magazine, or are signed on that label, or touring with this or that band, and you think, “Well, what do I have to do, to do that?” Then, you think about your differences, and it kind of gets to you every now and thenSo, I literally just don’t care, and I’m gonna make my way up there too, as well as a bunch of other amazing chicks that are fighting for this same deal.

The Rumours5

SL: Yeah, trying to wrap one’s head around the “total babe” thing, keeps the “struggle real” for all of us… Let’s continue down this path… Have you ran into opposition in your career that you’d attribute to being a female lead in a rock band? If so, how did you handle it?

CF: I used to play lead guitar in my first band, and as much as I loved that, I got to sing one song in that band, and the energy that it gives me as a front ­woman, isn’t anything I plan on giving up anytime soon.


SL: Good to hear, because TR fans would vehemently oppose you “giving up anytime soon,” too. Speaking of “time,” let’s go back in time… What kind of kid were you in school?

CF: I had straight A’s, but I was being locked down in a private school, where I just wanted to be free. So, I got a little mouthy sometimes. I think I even made a teacher cry once. Oops!

SL: Hey, we can’t always be the “teacher’s pet,” but we can always help teach them a lesson! (LAUGHS) Just kidding… Other than musical talent, what do you feel is the most beneficial trait for a performer to possess?

CF: You have to be completely committed to what you’re doing, and don’t give a damn about what anybody else says, unless it’s going to help you improve.

The Rumours4SL: Great point and duly noted! Who would you most like to jam with?

CF: Ugh, this is so hard. Any of my three idols for sure. But, I think I’d have to go with Tom Petty, because that would be just way too amazing!

Boy I’ll say! Hear that, Mr. Petty? You don’t want to be a “Heartbreaker,” do ya? What rock song would you most like to cover and why?

CF: Wow, these questions are getting hard! (LAUGHS) I really don’t like to cover songs, but I think that we cover the song that I love to cover, and that would be “Cherry Bomb,” by The Runaways. It would be cool to cover it with Joan, though.

*clears throat and blows trumpet*

~We humbly request Your Royal Majesty, Joan Jett, the Queen of Rock n Roll, to please grace our dear, Lady Carli with your divine presence, at this very special event… Thank you ever so kindly, for your gracious consideration… <3 *How’d I do?*

SL cont: … It would be super, duper cool, if she hears “ The Rumours ,” and accepts my “humble request on your behalf,” wouldn’t it? Now, what was the reaction of those closest to you when you told them what you wanted to do with your life?

CF: At first, they didn’t really approve, until I got the chance to show them that I was actually pretty good at what I do. Now, they’re all so supportive and expect me to do nothing but that! As long as I’m living responsibly, and paying my bills and all that, it’s all good.

The word on the street is: “you’re not just “pretty good,” but you’re actually “very good’ at what you do…” So, yeah, “it’s all good.” What do you feel sets you apart from other bands?

CF: We’re very energetic and unapologetic about what we do, and we’re playing this show like it’s “ the last one we’re ever going to get to play” before our guitars are stripped from our hands. We’re gonna make sure it’s one hell of a time for those in the crowd too. We’re not only doing this for us.

SL: Never apologize for being who you are, especially when you rock at it… Think fast… What bit of trivia do you believe your fans would be most surprised to find out about you?

CF: I used to be a figure skater!

Really? WOW! We should of opened with that question­­­ I mean seriously, what a cool way toThe Rumours6 break the ice! (LAUGHS) Let’s break it down, now… What’s the hardest part of rockin’, in rock music today?

CF: It’s so hard to get people to come to your shows and buy your CDs, because technology has made this difficult. I just feel that if you’re not a famous band, a lot of people just don’t want to listen to you, in most areas. At the same time, there’s a lot of people out there who really dig the underground thing, so kisses to you all!

SL: Kisses right back atcha! What have you found is the most difficult aspect of choosing to be a musician?

CF: Honestly, a lot of people are in a band to not have responsibility… Just to go out there, and do your thing the best you can ­­­but there’s so much responsibility to this, and so little time. I manage and book my band, as well as most of the artwork/graphics/social media, and all of that together is just so damn difficult sometimes!

Wow, that’s one heck of a workload, but you’re rockin’ it, baby girl, and that’s all that matters… How do you think the music scene has changed since you first started playing?

CF: There’s not as much heart as there used to be, but maybe it’s just because I was young, and it was all amazing and sugar­coated to me, at the time. A lot of the bands (I grew up with in the local scene) broke up or moved away, clubs closed, and people got older and uninterestedThey started having kids, and went on with their lives, but I don’t think that’s any excuse to let a music scene fade out.

SL: For The Rumours, fading is not an option, as long as there are echoes and amplifiers. But on that somber note, have you ever reached a point where things were really rough for your band, and what did you do to overcome the rough spots?

CF: Oh yeah. It’s mostly just talking it out. Figure out what the game plan is. Accept what is happening, and move forward as best as possible. Just remember, it’s all going to be okay.

SL: You know, that’s something I’ve been hearing a lot lately, “it’s all going to be okay…” Thank you for reinforcing that sentiment, once again­­­ like The Rumours, it too certainly bares repeating… 🙂 What are your band goals for this year?

CF: Well, we want to get through this tour, and kind of gain some knowledge on that. We’re also planning on releasing a new single along with a video! Then, we’re hoping to get back in the studio to release a full-length album. Then, who knows!

SL: The sky’s your only limit! What song do you have on your iPod that your fans would be surprised to hear you liked?

CF: One of my favorite jams is “Blow your mind” by Eve ft. Gwen Stefani (I love Gwen.)

The Rumours2

OMG, I do too! But personally and ironically, it’s still “ Don’t Speak.”) Lastly, what would you most like us to know about your band’s plans for this year?

CF: Basically the same as our goals. Finishing up the tour, finishing up the shows we have, getting in the studio, finish that, and hopefully come out in late 2016/early 2017 with a lot of shows! So, I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see!

Thank you so much Carli, and keep on Rockin’! Well people, you heard her, “…we’ll have to wait and see,” but we just can’t wait to hear “ The Rumours” in the days to come!