Pamela Moore Interview

Pamela Moore (Sister Mary on Queensryche’s “Operation Mindcrime” CDs/Solo Artist.)

By Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen


Pamela Moore is most known for her work with Queensryche and playing the character of Sister Mary on the “Operation Mindcrime” (OMC) CDs. OMC is one of the most amazing, incredible albums ever to exit, and bringing Mary back as a ghost and continuing the story of Nikki and Mary 20 years later is ingenious.

Pamela Moore
In addition to OMC and OMC2, Moore has released three live CDs with Queensryche and toured with them extensively. She has also released a few solo CDs and made guest appearances with Radar, Solna and Eden’s Curse.Currently Pamela Moore is working on her upcoming solo release, making a few guest appearances on the East Coast with Primal Fear, and offering private singing lessons in the Seattle area.Metal Babe Mayhem (MBM): What are you currently up to?Pamela Moore: First, thank you for this opportunity. I really appreciate it so very much. Currently, I am writing material for a new solo release that we hope to unleash Fall 2009 / Spring 2010. We will most certainly be promoting the CD with a series of tours in America and Europe.Pamela MooreMBM: I hear you are doing a few shows with Primal Fear. Can you tell us more about your connection with Primal Fear and your plans to perform live with them?

Pamela: Yes! I had the privilege of meeting Primal Fear in the Czech Republic in 2008 when they happened to be booked to open for Queensryche. Since then, Ralf and I have become great friends. During that same year, 2008, I was hired as a guest singer for a project called Solna. The producer, Zane Peterson was looking for a male vocalist to share a duet with me. I remembered Ralf and asked if he would be interested. He was available to do it and the magic happened! We were only hired singers for the project, but enjoyed working together, and our voices really blended so naturally. Then fast forward to today… in September I will fly to Atlanta to be a featured vocalist for a band called Halcyon Way. At the same time that I am in Atlanta finishing up my recording, Primal Fear will be co headlining at the prog/power festival. Because I was in the neighborhood, they asked me if I would be interested in joining them as a special guest on a duet for the remainder of the shows. I was thrilled to do so and am on my way… I anticipate the moment to be inspiring not only for me but for the fans!

MBM: I am glad to hear things worked out so well with the guest appearances. Too bad you couldn’t be at the Primal Fear show in L.A.! I actually saw Halcyon Way last year at Rocklahoma and LOVED them!

Pamela MooreIn addition to Solna, you have also made guest appearances with bands Radar and Eden’s Curse. Can you tell us more about your relationships with these bands?

Pamela: Radar was a band I met up with after my touring commitments with Queensryche in 1990 during the “Empire” tour. I moved to New York shortly after this tour and started writing and recording with them. We finally released a CD in Europe in 2000. But, before that I had to move back to Seattle and haven’t had the chance to work with them since. Solna and Eden’s Curse were hired projects. I was paid to perform for them on specific songs and videos, but am very happy with the end result!

MBM: How did you originally connect with Geoff Tate and Queensryche, and what made you decide to be part of the 1st “Mindcrime” album?

Pamela: I was in the right place at the right time. I recorded a radio ad for a music store in the Seattle area. It was playing 24/7 on TV and radio. It caught the attention of Chris Degarmo and Geoff Tate. They set out to find me… The rest is history!

MBM: That is so awesome. What were your thoughts on playing the character of Sister Mary at the time? Had you ever done anything like that before?

Pamela: I had never done a part like that before as I was mainly singing radio jingles and working in a very popular club band at the time performing top 40. So this was a very different type of situation I had ever been involved in… let alone, I had no idea what the song was like until I got there… Luckily, I nailed it. (Grin)

Pamela Moore

MBM: How did you reconnect with Geoff Tate and Queensryche for OMC2?

Pamela: At the time I heard they were considering a sequel, I was touring with them. That is the first I heard that I would have a part in OMC2. Funny to think about because I had MORE of a part in OMC2 than OMC and my character was dead! No worries though… I loved the opportunity to be included once again.

MBM: How does it feel to have toured with Queensryche throughout the years and perform as Sister Mary live on stage?

Pamela: My part as Sister Mary has changed and developed so much since the original, albeit challenging and inspiring. I have really grown as a performer and singer, working with such great talent and giants in the business, but also grown to understand a very difficult business.

MBM: Fans have been wondering who killed Mary since the original release in 1988. What type of reaction did you expect/receive when fans learned Mary killed herself during your live performance in 2006?

Pamela: Hahaha. I was always wondering the same thing! Honestly! So when the rehearsal of the show came about… I finally understood what happened!!! It was so funny… And actually, when I performed the death scene live there were a lot of shocked screams from the audience! I wasn’t quite sure why until I watched Mindcrime at the Moore in its entirety! Wow! What a graphic scene…. Ugh! (Laughs)

MBM: Can you see yourself reuniting with Queensryche in the future for any recordings or tours?

Pamela: Like I had mentioned, Queensryche are family to me and I know there will always be an opening with them at some point, especially for an OMC reprise.

MBM: Aside from working with Queensryche, you have also put out several solo releases and even won ‘Best Album of the Year’ with your 2006 solo release “Stories from a Blue Room.” Can you tell us more about your solo career and this accomplishment?

Pamela: Winning Best Album of the Year was a very precious gift! I had no clue something like this would happen! Especially, when I am not signed to a major label! The record was so delicately produced. It has such sensual, emotional moments to it and while it IS considered a very mid tempo sound, there is such a strength to it too. I am honored to have had the chance to produce such a great record and am very grateful for all the very special people that contributed to it.

MBM: If you had to choose one of your favorite songs off “Stories from a Blue Room,” what would it be and why?

Pamela: That would be tough because different songs end up being my most favorites. It changes so much. Perhaps “Forever In My Dreams” because of the emotional expression. “Eyes Wide Open” for its honesty. “Satisfied” because my cousin and I sing together… and “Dive Into Me” because it was written about a dear friend that died suddenly.

MBM: This release allowed you to record your first solo video for “Cross My Heart.” Can you tell us more about this experience and the end result?

Pamela: We filmed “Cross My Heart” rather quickly because I was only in town for a week. We chose “Cross My Heart,” because we thought the song would be the easiest to pull off. It’s a very basic storyline and we didn’t have to worry about other musicians/actors included. I LOVE how it came off, especially when we literally had NO TIME to spend on it. Just one day!!

MBM: You have such an amazing and powerful voice, and seeing you perform live is magical. Do you have any advice for female fans interested in singing?

Pamela: Thank you. you are kind. I would say to all who are interested in singing… be true to yourself, seek wisdom and hold close to those people you trust. Always remember that it’s not the prize but the journey that matters. Live each day one at a time.

MBM: Wow, that’s great advice! I noticed that you offer private singing lessons in your area. (Seattle) That would be an excellent opportunity for anyone who was interested. How long have you been giving lessons for?

PM: I just started my vocal coaching and performance consulting this year and I am really enjoying it.

MBM: Also, I’m curious; can you tell me how you can use weights to improve your voice? This sounds like a very unique approach.

Pamela: A vocal teacher named Gwen Omeron from New York introduced this technique to me, strapping weights around my waist and holding on to dumb bells while singing my vocal scales. This really made me aware of my center and gave me such a focal point as far as balance and power. It’s very useful, and I am grateful to have experienced this.

MBM: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Pamela: I want to thank you for your support. The exposure and opportunity you give the artist is so very much appreciated. It’s people like you that help us continue to do what we love. I also want to thank my family, friends and fans for their undying support. Please come visit me at:

For Vocal Coaching:

MBM: Metal Babe Mayhem would like to thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with our readers. We also wish you a huge success with any of your future endeavors.

Pamela: Thank you!