Packed at Paladino’s: DistortedFate, Motorbreath, and The Iron Maidens

Packed at Paladino’s: DistortedFate, Motorbreath,
and The Iron Maidens

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

DistortedFate, Motorbreath, and The Iron Maidens


DistortedFate, Motorbreath, and The Iron Maidens all put on great performances at Paladino’s on Saturday, September 6th. Usually Paladino’s doesn’t fill in until 11PM or 12AM, but it was already pretty crowded at 9PM for the first band, and only original act of the night, DistortedFate. Fans and photographers lined the floor, and all the seats were taken as pure metal band DistortedFate ripped through a nine song set.

“Sea of Doom” was one of the songs that really stood out to me. It had a Black Sabbathy “Children of the Sea” vibe at first, and then it turned into a full on screaming metal assault. “Haunting” was another favorite, beginning and ending beautifully as the title portrays, but it got heavy as hell in the middle. They played two new songs, “Soldier of Fortune” and “Murder for Hire,” and did a killer job on Slayer’s “Dead Skin Mask,” dedicating it to the late Jeff Hanneman.


DistortedFate, Motorbreath, and The Iron Maidens

Vocalist Michael “The Natural” Weinberg showed quite a bit of diversity throughout the set, ranging from melodic progressive rock vocals, to an early 90’s grungish sound, to thrash. It’s obvious that he puts his heart and soul into every word. The entire band had great stage presence, with unrelenting finger-picking bass player Aaron Cross, guitarist Bob Spears shredding away on a black explorer, and even leaving the stage to lay it down right in the middle of the crowd, and drummer Brian Banner pounding away at the skins. DistortedFate got the crowd pumped up and ready for more!


DistortedFate, Motorbreath, and The Iron Maidens

As the night progressed, people continued to pile in, and it was so hot that it felt like we were all in a sauna together. Motorbreath nailed their set of Metallica covers, beginning with “Battery” and focusing on the hard and heavy early days of the band. Some of the songs included: “Leper Messiah,” “Phantom Lord,” “Motorbreath,” and “Disposable Heroes.” Fans went crazy as they teased the intro of “Seek & Destroy” before launching the full version of the song.
Motorbreath ended their set with “Whiplash” off of Metallica’s 1983 debut release ‘Kill ‘em All.’


DistortedFate, Motorbreath, and The Iron Maidens

By the time The Iron Maidens took the stage, Paladino’s was so packed you could hardly move. I know I don’t have to tell you this, but these girls seriously rock! The first song of their set was “Be Quick or Be Dead,” and lead screamer Kirsten Rosenberg said “You’re making it hot in here because you’re so hot,” before belting out Bruce Dickinson’s famous line “Scream for me”… Paladino’s! After few songs including “2 Minutes to Midnight,” and “Wasted Years,” it turned out that guitarist Courtney Cox had an eye infection and they were trying to figure out what she could play blind! Former Maidens guitarist, and Alice Cooper’s touring guitarist Nita Strauss, was right by her side to help her figure it out.


DistortedFate, Motorbreath, and The Iron Maidens

After a few moments, the band came back with “The Number of the Beast.” Nita came onstage and said she was so happy to be there with Nikki Stringfield and the band again. They all rocked out together for a bit, and she ended up taking over Nikki’s guitar for a couple songs, including “Flash of the Blade.” The band was also celebrating their drummer’s Birthday, Linda McDonald (formerly of Phantom Blue). All in all it was a great night with three killer bands, and Courtney Cox seriously is a “Trooper” for sticking it out and giving fans everything that she could!

Iron Maidens pics by Jack Lue

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