Morten St. Elmo – Guitarist for The Roadkill (From Norway)

Morten St. Elmo


Morten St. Elmo is probably one of the first guitar players in Norway to pick up Eddie Van Halen’s magical playing skills and technique during the 1980’s. Morten first discovered the magic and power of the electrical guitar at 11 years old. By the time Morten was 12, he had developed his skills as a guitarist and formed a neighborhood rock band called Rattus Norveigus.

Morten grew up in Southern Norway as the youngest of four siblings. His older brother and sisters were always playing records from bands like The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Frank Marino, Ted Nugent, and Van Halen. Those are the bands that influenced and shaped Morten’s style into what it is today. When asked to describe his playing style, Morten says “It is emotional, energetic, hard and aggressive, but still soft and playful.”

When Morten turned 17, he was determined to become a professional guitar player. He moved to Fredrikstand and studied for a year at the Skjeberg College of Music. While in school, his teacher was so impressed with his skills as a guitar player that he connected Morten with one of Norway’s first glam bands, Make Up. Morten toured all over Norway for two years with the band. When Make Up disbanded, Morten wasn’t going to let that slow him down. He immediately joined a popular Norwegian pop rock band called CATS and continued touring throughout Europe for another year.

Morten has been playing the guitar for almost three decades and has combined all of his experience to create and develop his own unique playing style. Morten is interested in a variety of musical styles, including rock, pop, blues, country, classical, industrial, and electronica, and has spent quite a bit of time exploring, mixing, and developing his unique technique and style. Morten truly loves playing the guitar and has described it as an “out-of- body experience.” Those who have seen Morten perform live onstage have witnessed this magical transformation.

Morten joined forces with Thomas Jacobsen in 2012 reviving The Roadkill. (The Roadkill had gone through some line-up changes and was on hiatus until Morten and Thomas brought it back to life in 2012.) Morten tracked down the hard-hitting drummer Jan A. Christiansen and sexy and talented bass player Sigrid Moe to round out this phenomenal lineup.

roadkill2 Ameli Jakobsen

Their first single “Lock Up Your Daughter” was released New Year’s Eve 2012 and received fabulous reviews and publicity in Norway, and rapidly spread into the International community as well. The follow-up single “Choke” from the much-anticipated album ‘Reborn’ was released September 28th 2013. Due to the immediate response and rave reviews for “Choke,” the band followed released a video for the song that December.

The ‘Reborn’ album was released December 28th 2013 and received awesome reviews all over the world, being described as genuine, original, provocative, and emotionally moving. The RoadKill played the legendary Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California on April 16th this year; the same day that their third single, “Give in to Me” was released. They are now in the process of planning for their Reborn USA Tour later this year. Keep a lookout for The Roadkill in a city near you!

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