Bob Dee with Petro: Midnight Fire Music

Midnight Fire Music

Bob Dee with Petro Album Review

by Boris Lee

Looking at the New York City skyline from my motherland of Queens is one of the most magnificent images trapped within the confines of my insanity. Photos never do the NYC nighttime skyline justice. You need to be there to absorb the awe. I remember walking out of my 26th and Ditmars, Astoria apartment, stepping past the ‘72 Dodge Demon sitting in my driveway and walking to the park under the Tri-Boro Bridge. Those were the days when I was young enough to not care about how I would have money eat, because I had tree boa in my apartment, an Ozzy fringe jacket to wear, and a ‘69 SG to play music on. Those were good days, led by a soundtrack of good music and creativity.

When music carries a vibe to its audience, we all perceive that vibe on a personal level. When I listened to Stun Gun, the latest release from Bob Dee with Petro, I instantly thought of being home in NYC among my SG, the Demon, and other creative creatures in Astoria. Maybe that’s because Bob Dee with Petro are fellow New Yorkers who put out music that carries a Gotham majestic touch.

Stun Gun, released under AMG/Sony, is a solid rock album that could easily appease the appetite for any multi-genre aficionado. Bob Dee’s songwriting and the musicianship of the New York based band are a concrete formula for success. The six songs offered on the album are reminiscent of STP, Aerosmith, Radiohead, Cheap Trick, a kiss of eighties KISS, a twist of G N’R, with a sprinkling of pop overtones in Bob Dee’s vocal styling, making for surefire hit songs.

No song on this album lacks big hit potential and they all have a radio friendly feel without being the cookie cutter crap that usually stinks up the airwaves today. Rather than use the standard formula for potential number one hit music such as Auto-Tune or other vocal morphing manifestations, Bob Dee relies on his true voice and bands musicianship for putting a beat to the music’s heart.

“Midnight Dancer” is a catchy guitar riff and melodic groove perfect for exactly what the title insinuates, a midnight dance. The slight bewitching overtones of the song are idealistic for a spell casting minx to sway her hypnotic hips too, while in the audience of a fire lit forest.

Speaking of fire, “Gasoline To My Fire,” is a where I think of Radiohead and the “Karma Police” days. “Gasoline To My Fire” has a timeless feel. When a song can be released in the year twenty-twenty or the year two-thousand and can fall in with what is current creatively at the time, you have a musical longevity.

Though the song bares similarities to “Gasoline To My Fire” in composition, the arguable strongest offering from Bob Dee with Petro is “Switchblade.” A melodic march down memory lane forged from a haunting heartbreak that will resonate with anyone from teens to elders, Goths to Hipsters. A picture show of my most devastating heartache cascaded over my soul while listening to “Switchblade,” and reminded me of what good music does. Connects with the listener on a personal level.

Bob Dee with Petro will stun your senses with how good they are on this album. The overall musical composition is simplistic and perfect by being so. No overdone showboating or effects. Pure hauntingly beautiful music… Just as photos truly cannot do the New York City nighttime skyline justice, words fall short presenting the impact of the multi-genre music on this album.

I give Stun Gun 4.5 out of 5 raised horns. To learn more about Bob Dee with Petro follow the links below:

Bob Dee With Petro Website
Bob Dee With Petro on MBM Music LLC

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