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TIME TO DIE … “I thought, am I really going to die at a Guns N’ Roses concert?” Alison ‘Metal Babe’ Cohen reflects on St. Louis show

Interview by Gerry Gittelson – Metal Sludge Editor

LOS ANGELES — One of Hollywood’s most distinguished scenemakers is Alison “Metal Babe” Cohen, who usually has a merch booth at most of the big rock shows.

She is focusing on clothing and jewelry now, but in the past she has worked as a rock journalist and even went on tour with Ozzfest a handful of times through the years.

We caught up with her, and Ms. Cohen gave Metal Sludge the lowdown on what really puts the metal in Metal Babe.

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METAL SLUDGE: Let’s start with St. Louis. That is where you’re from right?


Is it true you helped cause the Guns N’ Roses riot that night with Skid Row?

METAL BABE: (laughs) I wouldn’t say that I helped cause it, but I know who did. His name is Stump, and I Alisonactually know him. I was there though and was about to leave when they announced that Guns N’ Roses would return to the stage if we would all just calm down. My two friends and I ran to the front row, literally. And as we caught our breath, we got sprayed with fire hoses, maced and clubbed. At one point, I was on the ground getting trampled. I thought, am I really going to die at a Guns N’ Roses concert? It was crazy. Helicopters everywhere. People were running out of there with the band’s gear, chairs, anything they could get their hands on. GNR never came back onstage either.

Were you bloody?

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