Melodic Metal Vocalist/Songwriter Suzy Wilson

Melodic Metal Vocalist/Songwriter Suzy Wilson

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Melodic metal vocalist/songwriter Suzy Wilson grew up in a really small town in Mississippi where there really weren’t many opportunities for her to follow her dreams of becoming a musician. Even though Suzy remembers singing before she could talk, she didn’t start pursuing a professional music career until about seven years ago.

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One of the driving points to get Suzy to sing was her son… Patrick is a singer who loves his mom’s voice, and wanted to hear her sing professionally. As a Christmas gift while he was in high school, Suzy recorded a ‘karaoke style’ CD to give him as a gift. During that process she received such positive feedback and enjoyed the experience so much, that she finally decided to give it a shot and begin working on a professional release.

Suzy Wilson, who currently lives in Houston, Texas, has released an EP, is working on new material as a follow-up, and is helping a friend with a heart-warming project involving hand-written notes from his latePic 7 another version of EP cover wife. It took over five years for Suzy to finalize her debut EP ‘The Best Revenge’ (released March 3rd, 2015) but it is something that she is very proud of to this day, and can call her own. She’s also proud to say that her son Patrick sang on “Wishing.”

Suzy has been told that she sounds like Joan Baez meets Judas Priest. Simon Kirke (Free/Bad Company) said she sounds like “Joni Mitchell meets Metallica.” When asked what she thinks she sounds like, Suzy said “I think I sound like me. Rock & Roll is about pushing the boundaries and breaking rules. It’s about taking what influences you and turning it into something that represents you. Most people, even people who know me, are really surprised when they first hear the EP. I don’t know what they were expecting, but apparently it wasn’t metal.”

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Suzy has been participating in Rock and Roll Fantasy camp and shared the stage with members of Cheap Trick, Simon Kirke, Joe Vitale, Vinny Appice, Rudy Sarzo, and so many more. She has been able to perform both cover songs and originals live at different Los Angeles venues, including Lucky Strike and The Whisky, and at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV. In addition, she has upcoming RRFC scheduled performances with Paul Stanley and members of Judas Priest.

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Suzy is also very involved with Cruefest Hollywood, an annual event in memory of Skylar Neil, Vince Neil’s daughter who lost her battle with cancer at age four. This vision was actually created because of a message board in the 90’s called Shout that was for Motley Crue fans. After spending a significant amount of time together on the board, getting to know one another, they decided it would be great to have a big get Pic 6 Me in the Box Office at the Whiskytogether so everyone could meet and they would raise money for charity in memory of Skylar Neil. The first Cruefest Hollywood took place at the Whisky in Hollywood, CA in 2001, and Suzy finally attended her first Cruefest Hollywood in 2007. After meeting all the people she had known online for at least a decade, she was hooked. Ten years later she’s still working on the event and has met some of her very dearest friends through her involvement. *All proceeds go to cancer charities in Skylar’s memory.

Suzy is very appreciative and supportive of others in the music community and thankful for the support that her friends and family have given her. Please visit Suzy Wilson online, check out her debut EP ‘The Best Revenge,’ and come to one of her upcoming RRFC performances if you’re in the Los Angeles area!

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