MBM Music LLC Grand Launch and MBM Music LLC + HighVolMusic, LLC Partnership


MBM Music LLC Grand Launch and MBM Music LLC + HighVolMusic, LLC Partnership

Los Angeles, CA. – 17 November 2017 – MBM Music, LLC is extremely excited to announce their official Grand Launch and Partnership with HighVolMusic, LLC. MBM Music is a promotions company that provides independent artists a platform to be seen and heard, while assisting with necessary products, services, and fashion, in an effort to increase exposure, fan base, and income.

MBM Music is a brand new division of Metal Babe Mayhem (MBM) that had their soft launch on October 15th, 2017. MBM Music has begun creating exclusive online content for their clients, promoting/sponsoring dozens of nationwide shows, and streaming live video from shows all over the world building an extensive network stretching through social media and other online outlets.

MBM Music clients can choose between three monthly subscription promotion services and custom programs tailored specifically to their needs. Additionally, +ONE Services are available to MBM Network and Non-Network Members.

The MBM Musician and Vendor network is growing every day. Currently, their roster includes; Al Bane for Leather, CO.Dam, Corners of Sanctuary, Defining 13, Killin’ Candace, Nine Miles Down, ELSIE BINX – EBX, The Lazy Stalkers, LIT SOUL, Online Music Promo, and Stompbox.

On November 11th, 2017, MBM Music officially partnered with HighVolMusic, and is working closely with their roster which includes; Billy Morris Band, DC4, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Newmachine, Rabid Assassin, Snake Eyes Seven, and Strikeforce, in addition to clients listed above.

HighVolMusic is a premier Rock & Metal independent music company with over 20 years in the music and entertainment business that recruits talented Rock and Roll artists. HVM is distributed by MRI/Sony Red, Cargo Records, and Valleyarm.

Together, MBM-HVM offers Promotional Services to artists/musicians/vendors including Spotlight, Band Bios, Interviews, Fundraising, Merchandise, Copy Editing, Press Releases, Band Discounts, Online Music Play, Sponsored Shows, Logos/Graphics, and more. They are offering Record Label Services to musicians including Distribution (Sony Red or MVD, Digital via the Orchard through Sony only), Studio Recording, Producers, Mix/Mastering, ISRC coding, Barcode, Soundscan Reporting, ASCAP Publishing, Package design services, External Radio Promotion, External PR, Pollstar, Song registration thru SE, Release Game Plan / Marketing, Copyright, Harry Fox for licensing if applicable. In addition, they are offering Management Services including Representation, Consultation/Advisement, Contract review, and Contract writing.

MBM Music, LLC You Create. We Promote. Plug into The Network.
HighVolMusic, LLC Premier Rock & Metal Independent Music Company

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