MBM Music, LLC And Cohesive Support Provide New Secure SSL Service

MBM Music, LLC And Cohesive Support Provide New Secure SSL Service

DATE: 24 September 2018

MBM Music LLC is thrilled to announce they have added a New Secure SSL Service in conjunction with Cohesive Support. Most website owners do not realize that all websites not using SSL encryption will automatically be labeled as ‘Not Secure’, be shown with a red triangle with an exclamation point inside, or an unlocked lock, depending on the browser being used to view your site. Website visitors know to look for this and if they see your site is not secured they are far less likely to spend money or share their personal information through your site. All websites should be secure, and this is particularly important if you have an eCommerce website or are asking for any type of personal information (emails, phone number, credit card numbers, etc.)

If your website doesn’t collect sensitive data, like credit cards or social security numbers, you may not have needed an SSL certificate in the past. However, with the new browser notices, it’s now important to ensure every website has an SSL certificate and is loaded via HTTPS. Google will dock the search ranking of unsecured sites while conversely providing a slight boost in search ranking to sites using an SSL certificate for security.

Together, MBM Music LLC and Cohesive Support are offering this service for $120 (plus the cost of SSL Certificate, if required). This service can be provided in a matter of 1-7 days (most within 2 days or less) and will ensure that customers feel safe while visiting your website. Please see the link below for additional information.


Additional website options available include:
✦ BASIC Website Build & Maintenance
✦✦ INTERMEDIATE Website Build & Maintenance
✦✦✦ ADVANCED Website Build & Maintenance

Cohesive Support also offers A La Carte items via MBM Music that clients can build on the basic package with their desired features. Some of these items include:

  • Unlimited Featured Albums
  • Company/Band Blog Page
  • Contest and/or Swag Giveaways Page
  • Newsletter Configuration & Integration
  • Online Store Setup and Configuration
  • BandsInTown Integration

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