Lockdown Rock Down Music and Arts Festival

3 April 2020
The Lockdown Rock Down Music and Arts Festival

Presented by Symptom of the Metalverse and Metal Babe Mayhem, The Lockdown Rock Down, is a worldwide from home to stay home, music and arts festival, airing over social media, Saturday, April 11, 2020.  

With the global pandemic we are all currently enduring, most musicians, artists, and other creative creatures are missing out on cons, festivals, and other such events that keep them going. More off, the fans of such creativity and entertainment are going without. No matter how we got to this point, we are all in this together. For the first time, the population of the world is in the SAME boat thanks to the pandemic. The purpose of the Lockdown Rock Down is to entertain and calm the community through creative unity.

The Lockdown Rock Down will be presented much like an actual weekend music festival or media convention. Think Ozzfest Meets Comicon. Musicians, artists, actors, authors, and all creative creatures from all genres have been invited to take part in the event. 

Musical performance video segments will highlight the social media festival, while between performances, authors, artists and other entertainment personas will present tutorials on their craft, readings of stories, and more. 

The Lockdown Rock Down concept came to the mind of Boris Lee, who had one of those feelings about the idea and event title when he said it aloud. 

I was writing a story for a forthcoming horror anthology and my mind drifted off thinking about what we are all going through in the world now. Many of my creative cohorts have found themselves without the conventions and vending events, and after seeing so many post on social media about shows and music festivals being cancelled, the idea came to me. I said the title of the festival idea out loud, had a vision on how this could happen, and immediately contacted Alison Masson about the idea. I laid out the festival blueprint to Alison, and we were off and running.” ~ Boris Lee 

When Boris first approached me about this concept, I was really excited because I had been wanting to do ‘something’ to bring the music and arts community together to share entertainment, hope, and positivity. The Lockdown Rock Down was exactly what I was looking for, and I am so glad to be part of this event.” ~ Alison Masson

Once the blueprint of the festival was finalized, Boris contacted the horror media website, Morbidly Beautiful. Stephanie Malone, the CEO of Morbidly Beautiful immediately replied to Boris wanting to support and sponsor the event. Her write up about The Lockdown Rock Down can be viewed here.

The Lockdown Rock Down will feature musicians, artists, actors, authors, and more, from local to international stars. Set to perform are: Edge of Paradise, Infidel Rising, The Hard Way, Ritual Moon, Skum Love, SUZY, C4OC, Scarah Damsel of the Doomed (Horror Web, The Immortalz), David Howard Thornton (Art the Clown), Cooter Brown, Kati Rausch, Johnny Jetson, Corners of Sanctuary, Johnny Andriani, Diabology, The Cheesebergens, and more. 

Film shorts from Indie directors will be featured, along with story readings, and more. The Lockdown Rock Down will have something for everyone to be entertained by while staying home to combat the pandemic panic.

Visit this link to watch The Lockdown Rock Down on YouTube.

About Boris Lee: 
Boris Lee is an American author, best known for his work in horror fiction and as an entertainment journalist covering music and other arts. Lee’s fiction works have been published in several formats and obtained international attention. As an entertainment journalist, Lee’s Symptom of the Metalverse column covers music reviews and artist interviews for Metal Babe Mayhem.

About Alison Masson:
Alison Masson has worked in the music/fashion industry for close to twenty years, and established clothing, jewelry, and accessory line Metal Babe Mayhem in 2006 in an effort to share her combined passions with the world. In addition, Alison makes artist promotion easy and affordable with MBM Music LLC where she assists musicians with additional exposure, by sharing interviews, reviews, a monthly playlist, and more. 

About Morbidly Beautiful:
Morbidly Beautiful is a horror media website owned by Stephanie Malone. The website covers Indie horror in all forms, offering interviews, reviews, podcast, and much more. Stephanie Malone is a writer, artist, illustrator, producer, marketing and creative director with a passion for the Indie scene and all things horror.