Lockdown Rock Down Line-Up, Schedule, and Links

lockdown rock down

10 April 2020
The Lockdown Rock Down Music and Arts Festival

Presented by Symptom of the Metalverse and Metal Babe Mayhem, and Sponsored by Morbidly Beautiful, The Lockdown Rock Down is a worldwide from home to stay home, music and arts festival, airing over social media, Saturday, April 11, 2020 from 1PM PST to 11PM PST on YouTube.  

Watch this Event on YouTube here.

Just because we are on Lockdown, doesn’t mean we can’t all join together for a day of unique and fun online entertainment.

This Event is Free, however we will be posting artists’ Venmo/PayPal/Merch links with their performances. If you can donate, great! If not, just watch and enjoy!

FINAL SCHEDULE (PST) *Subject To Change

DJ Set by Skum Love
1:00 Beats by Nero Teaser
1:05 Mercy Fae (Short story reading)
1:10 Diabology
1:25 Nytrate
1:40 Corners of Sanctuary
1:58 Defining 13
2:06 Matthew Currie
2:23 The Texas Surfers
2:32 Sick Six Sex
2:40 Next Halen
3:18 Kourtnea Hogan (Horror film short & intro)
3:30 Gwarizama
4:22 Nikki Wozzo and the Bad Whiskey
4:37 SUZY
4:50 Paul Gervasi
5:00 The Immortalz (Horror Web)
5:05 David Howard Thornton (Art the Clown)
5:13 Juan Cardenas (Flute)
5:16 The Harps
5:38 Richard Tanner (Filmmaker/Story reading)
5:52 C4OC
6:00 Snakeskin Cowboys
6:13 Kilted Creature
6:20 Gayle Upshaw (Poet)
6:24 Kati Rausch (Comedian/VLOG)
6:52 C4OC
7:00 Lit Soul
7:05 Johnny Andriani
7:10 Dale Carole (Artist)
7:20 The Cheesebergens
7:30 Da Vang
7:50 Lesli Sanders of Prophets of Addiction
8:05 RIP Inc
8:10 Cooter Brown
8:25 Jamie Allen (Acoustic)
8:35 Conquest
8:51 Ritual Moon
9:00 The Hard Way
9:35 Bitch
9:40 Rocio Romero
9:50 We Are Wasted
10:15 Infidel Rising
10:35 Edge of Paradise
DJ Set by Skum Love

Lockdown Rock Down Merchandise is Available here.

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