Lit Soul – Viper Room – 5/28/11


Lit Soul – Viper Room – 5/28/11

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Lit Soul

Fans, friends, and family filled the Viper Room Saturday night in anticipation for the long-awaited performance of Lit Soul. This was the first time that they have performed at the Viper Room, and I just had a feeling that this was going to be one of their best shows yet. Excitement grew as fans waited for them to hit the stage. As I looked around, I saw many familiar faces, and many new ones as well.

Lit Soul still burst out from behind the curtains, full of energy, opening their set with one of my favorite songs, “Petrified Time.” From there, they cranked through several of their harder and heavier songs, with frontman Rob Chevelle” on rhythm guitar.

Things really took off when Chevelle broke free from his guitar and put on his ‘dancin’ shoes.’ He strutted, jumped, and knelt all over the stage like he could have been a reincarnation of Jim Morrison, or even Ian Astbury.

The crowd was pumped, Lit Soul was rockin’ into their fifth song, “Push on Through,” and then the Club announced that they only had five minutes left of their set! WHAT??? I looked down at their set list and saw that they still had FIVE songs to go. I know I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t ready for their set to end.

Lit Soul gave us one last song, the sexy and provocative “Eternal,” and then thanked us for being there, before graciously exiting the stage. I secretly hoped they would still squeeze in one more song, ending with a cover of The Cult’s “Wild Flower,” which they do so well, but…time wouldn’t permit. I do have to give Lit Soul kudos for how well they handled this situation, because, honestly I wouldn’t.

Lit SoulLit SoulLit SoulLit SoulLit Soul

This was the 6th time I have seen Lit Soul, and, aside from the shortened set, this was definitely one of their best shows I have seen! Mark your calendars for 6/25/11. Lit Soul will be playing On The Rox with Nothing Sacred, Stonebreed, and Middle Finger Mob. Hope to see you there!

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