Lit Soul: “Professional Gods of Music and Humble Men”

Lit Soul: “Professional Gods of Music and Humble Men”

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

A sign of a good song is that it gets stuck in your head when you least expect it. The entire Lit Soul CD ‘Love At War’ does just that. It is catchy, memorable, and full of strong and meaningful lyrics relevant to today. Lit Soul, a poetic, classic, melodic hard rock/metal band that advocates Liberty in the modern age, is really excited about signing with M!SS CRAZY Records, their brand new album ‘Love At War,’ and their upcoming shows in the Southern California area. Lit Soul performed at The Complex on Saturday, September 13th, and they have several more shows in the works. I sat down with founder and front man Rob Chevelle to learn more about the latest Lit Soul happenings.

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Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen: Tell me about ‘Love at War’ and the first single “Stoner Rock.”

Rob Chevelle: I believe that it is an epic album featuring professional talent and something new for the rock n’ roll scene. It has ten songs, and two of them are ballads. We released the first single “Stoner Rock” last May and are really excited about the response that the song and the album have gotten so far. As far as “Stoner Rock,” it can mean whatever you want. It’s not necessarily a 4:20 thing; it’s more of a genre of music. The girl who is dancing in the video, Izzy, is going to be in our live shows coming up.

Metal Babe: Since you mentioned your upcoming live shows, tell us about your next show at Molly Malone’s on Friday, October 24th.

Rob: This show is exciting because all the bands are pure heavy rock and they are all very good. We are playing with Burn Cycle, Rivet and Sinicle. I think a lot of people want to see these bands. We have never played Molly Malone’s, so it’s always fun to do something new.

Metal Babe: It will be fun to get out there with a whole new set of bands and play somewhere new for sure. It seems like you are getting an amazing response to the CD. I personally love it, and I see pictures of fans holding the CD and positive feedback everywhere I look. Are you happy with the overall response?

Rob: It’s been really awesome and I’m very happy. It’s cool when you do something… A piece of art… And people appreciate it. We gotta be doing something right. It’s for sale at Miss Crazy Records. (

Metal Babe: That’s great. Lit Soul recently got signed to Miss Crazy Records, just prior to the release of the new CD. How did you get signed to the label, and how has your partnership been going so far?

Rob: Markus Allen Christopher is the founder of Miss Crazy Records and the band Miss Crazy. They’re a really great band. He’s also an A&R guy and has been in bands like Amsterdam and Trixie. He has done some solo stuff too. He has a label and looks for good talent. Luckily he likes us, so we are officially on his label.

Metal Babe: Should fans head to to get a copy of the CD, or will it be available at live shows and other online sites as well, such as your website, Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, etc.?

Rob: Right now the marketing campaign is to sell the hard copy on Miss Crazy Records and eventually down the road, I’m sure it will make it to iTunes and stuff like that, but right now, we just want to sell the CD there. CD’s are better because you have all the artwork, pictures, and we are signing the first 200 copies, so I think it’s more intimate and a lot cooler to have something in hand than to just download it.

Metal Babe: I agree completely. Let’s talk about the band. You’ve had this current line-up for just over a year. Tell me about each member.

Rob: Lit Soul has been around about five years, and we have had three different line-ups to date. I am really blessed to have played with so many great musicians. This is by far the best line-up we have ever had… From the musicianship, to just being great people with big hearts and a passion for the music. I have Ty Dennis back on drums. He has played with a lot of different people, including Ian Astbury and The Doors of the 21st Century, and is awesome. Jerome Severin, who was in the previous line-up and played our last couple of shows, is a great bass player. My ‘Greek Friend’ Jess P. Tzimas is on lead guitar. He is so methodical, and can play everything from melodic to heavy, and everything in between. He also plays keyboards, which is bonus. We really are a team that’s creating great music together.


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Metal Babe: What inspires you the most musically?

Rob: What inspires me is to write a song that will be remembered, that has a hook, and that has passion. I try to write something that is memorable, and that you will be like, “wait a minute, what’s that?” or “turn that up.”

Metal Babe: What is your writing process like?

Rob: In general, I write all the songs. It’s usually just me, on my couch with my guitar. First I work out a riff, and then I work out a melody in my head. I have written tons of poetry, so when I have the riff and the melody ready I either grab some of my poetry to see if it fits or I just write something new. However, for this album, (‘Love at War’) I really have to give credit to everyone in the band because they have all added to it. This album could not been done without my incredible band mates. They are all professional gods of music and very humble men who know what they are doing.

Metal Babe: What are the primary messages you are trying to get out there?

Rob: I write a lot of lyrics about freedom, apocalypse, bankers, politicians… I try not to kill it with that though. It’s just what comes naturally when I write. It’s everything from “have a good time,” to “wake up,” to “love,” “be passionate,” and “be a good person.”

Metal Babe: What’s next for Lit Soul? What do you see happening in the rest of 2104?

Rob: We just want to play live. Any place with a good P.A. and wooden stage. (Laughs.) We actually have five shows booked to date and will do many more. However, I can only mention three of them now. (Molly Malone’s-10/24/14, Malone’s-11/8/14, Jumping Turtle-1/31/15). Stay tuned for more announcements. We also have the second video for the album coming out for “Leather Steeds” in about two weeks. So playing live, doing videos, and getting the album out there… Let it rock! Rock N’ Roll!

Metal Babe: That all sounds great. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of the live shows. What would you like to say to your fans and our readers?

Rob: Well, I want to thank you Alison, because you’re there in the scene, and your heart’s into it, and it’s a really great opportunity to work with you, always. And to the fans… I love you all. Thank you for your support throughout the years. Please go to Miss Crazy Records and get a copy of the album and get a piece of me, and my life, and everything that’s been put into that.

Metal Babe: Thank you. It is always a pleasure to work with you as well. For anyone reading this, make sure to see the links below to keep up-to-date on Lit Soul, make sure to pick up a copy of ‘Love At War,’ and come out to a show if you’re Southern California.