Kevin Little Glass

Art, Music, Jerky, Fudge, and More… Kevin Little is a Man of Many Talents

Kevin Little is a self-taught artist and musician who loves to cook. He started first business, Unlimited Kreations, in 1999 in an effort to showcase his charcoal portraits and custom glass engravings. As you can see in his portfolio, he has created masterpieces of rock legends such as Ronnie James Dio and Chris Holmes, and he also has done charcoal drawings of some of our Hollywood friends, including Kruzin’ Kenny and Michelle Nugent.

Shortly after starting Unlimited Kreations, Kevin ventured into a second business opportunity that would allow him to focus on another one of his passions; cooking. He came up with the idea of Mad Dr. Genius, and now has seven kinds of jerky available, made with either beef, turkey, or venison.

Quite a few well-known musicians have tried the Mad Dr. Genius’ jerky and loved it, including Chris Holmes (Former WASP) and and his wife Cathy, Chris Caffery (Trans Siberian Orchestra/Savatage/Solo Artist). Mad Dr. Genius jerky seems to be most popular along the west coast and in California, where 80% of his customers/fan-base resides.

And for those who have a sweet tooth, he also has two types of fudge available (Regular/Hot Moruga) and a variety of lollipops (Strawberry, Hot Moruga Strawberry, Sea salt/Caramel, and Sea salt/Caramel).

What makes Mad Dr. Genius so unique is that everything is themed in goth and metal style, from the packaging itself, marketing campaigns, and the items themselves. The fudge and the lollipops actually come in the form of skull and crossbones! It doesn’t get more metal than that!

Kevin is a big supporter in small businesses everywhere and believes that the way to grow is to support one another. The ‘one hand washes the other’ philosophy’ and believes that ‘Greed equals doom.’ He fully supports Metal Babe Mayhem, Dread Metal Guitar Armour Company, and Kruzin’ Services, and knows the value of networking and word of mouth.

Kevin is truly blessed to be doing what he does and to have such great support! He believes that “If you can dream it, you can do it!” and he is doing just that.

Kevin Little is a man of many talents. In addition to his artwork and creative cooking abilities, Kevin is also a hobby winemaker, a tattoo artist, and a bass player in heavy classic rock band Defining 13.

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Alison Charcoal drawing by Kevin Little