Katey Ashley Releases Maxi Single Gypsy Curse November 5th, 2017


Katey Ashley Releases Brand New Maxi Single Gypsy Curse November 5th, 2017

Los Angeles, CA. – November 5, 2017  – “Anarchy Rock n’ Roll” band Katey Ashley releases brand new Maxi Single entitled “Gypsy Curse” November 5th, 2017. This limited edition single is available exclusively through Katey Ashley and Metal Babe Mayhem.

Katey Ashley formed this current line-up about two and a half years ago, but he is no stranger to the stage. After playing hundreds of gigs, as a drummer and bass player, he found his true calling as a frontman. He formed his own band in 2015 and coined the genre “Anarchy Rock n’ Roll.” Katey Ashley is someone you need to see perform live to really know what he is all about. In addition to “Gypsy Curse,”  they released ‘Slutty in the City’ on vinyl 7”.

The band is known for their live shows and crazy stage antics, and have thrown condoms and toilet paper into the crowd, smashed instruments, and use some unique and fun stage props as well. Band members include Danny Boner is (guitar), Gabe Gunner (bass), and Hector Llentillin (drums).The band is looking into touring the Northwest next spring 2018.

Order the “Gypsy Curse” Maxi Single on Metal Babe Mayhem: HERE

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