Junkshop Glam Band Hammered Satin is Helping Keep Rock n’ Roll Alive

Junkshop Glam Band Hammered Satin is Helping Keep
Rock n’ Roll Alive

Featured Band for The Best Unsigned Rock And Roll Bands in America

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen


Junkshop Glam band Hammered Satin plays 70’s style rock n’ roll with glitter and glam fashion to match. They are in the process of recording their second CD and will be playing live in LA on May 6th at The Hi Hat. I caught up with their frontman Noah Wallace to learn more about the band and what sets them apart from the other bands out there right now.

METAL BABE: First of all, congratulations on being chosen as a Featured Band for The Best Unsigned Rock And Roll Bands in America. How did you come up with the name Hammered Satin, and what does it mean to you?

NOAH WALLACE: I thought it was bit a more interesting sounding fabric than crushed velvet or denim. Hammered sounds thuggish, wild, heavy, and tough. Satin is sophisticated, intelligent, and glam. That describes the dualistic nature of our sound. It’s sort of a Yin and Yang thing to me. There may be some social class implications in there as well… Like Hammered representing the working class and Satin for the elite 1%… One can’t exist without the other… But really it’s a Glam Rock sounding name.

METAL BABE: That’s very interesting. I like that. Tell us about when/how Hammered Satin formed and who’s in the band.

NOAH: Hammered Satin was formed in late 2010 with Conor Behrle on guitar, Dan Sandvick on bass, and IMG_2277a revolving door of drummers… Our current drummer is an old friend of mine, Jimmy Sweet, who is actually a singer/songwriter in his own group but can play the drums as well. If you notice on the album and 45 covers, and most of our photo shoots, it’s only the three founding members because of this drummer debacle.

METAL BABE: I did notice that!

NOAH: Sooner or later a drummer will commit! We’ve toured Europe twice and the US more than that. Plus, we’ve gotten insane press for an unsigned band, like Rolling Stone Magazine naming our music video for “Foxy Dude” in the top 20 videos of 2014. Sooner or later a drummer will commit, we have too much going well for us!

METAL BABE: Definitely. That’s very cool about Rolling Stone. That’s a great video too! How would you describe your music, sound, and style to anyone who isn’t familiar?

NOAH: Junkshop Glam

METAL BABE: Who are your main influences musically? I love the retro glitter glam feel.

NOAH: T. Rex, The Sweet, Mott The Hoople, Slade, Rubettes, Bay City Rollers, Jook, Pantherman, Walkers, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Ramones, Chicory Tip, Iron Virgin, Hector, Babe, Bonnie St. Claire, Lemming, Bubbles, Barry Blue, Milk N’ Cookies, Sparks, Streak, Equals, David Bowie, Mick Ronson, Glitter Band, and many more.


Hammered Satin1

METAL BABE: Great list! Tell me about your first release ‘Glamorama,’ and where you are at in the recording process for your upcoming release. I saw that you were recently laying down tracks with Thomas at Lolipop Records, and you’ve already released two videos for “Good Little Girl” and “Reptilian.” Also, how do you think the new material compares to the first LP?

NOAH: Although we are technically “unsigned,” we’ve been fortunate enough to have some smaller indie labels like Burger Records release ‘Glamorama’ on LP/Cassette and Lolipop/Radcat Records release a 7″ 45 of “Reptilian” with “Good Little Girl.” We are currently in the studio working on a second album. This second one is even more Junkshop Glam sounding than our first album, which was very expensive to record and slicked up with the production. We are using all analog tape this time, which gives it a more raw and alive sound. There’s absolutely no cheating or pitch shifting or moving things around on the grid and scooping out excess noise like you can with digital recordings. In my opinion, digital sounds fake and is cheating, which makes me nauseous. I don’t like listening to digital recordings at all really. They don’t sound as good to me. Tape is the only way to go. Especially for rock n’ roll records. So far for this new album we are very excited and happy with the results. I also feel both lyrically and melodically that my songwriting is improving on this second one.

METAL BABE: Very cool. I’ve watched several videos and love the creative fun feel to the band and the music. What inspires you musically and what is your writing process like?

NOAH: My Honey Squiss, astral projections, Junkshop Glam 45’s, and (60’s/70’s London fashion store) Biba. My writing process is to create under three minute glam bangers with hooks in the verse, chorus, and guitar solos. The lyrics are written in a bubblegum style, but I try to use unusual, creative, and descriptive words that are full of substance and meaning, while keeping it hip and nursery rhyme bubblegum glam style at the same time. It’s a tricky balance.

METAL BABE: Sounds like it! I saw that the band is located in the Hollywood area. Do you have any shows in the works, and what kind of bands do you play with in LA?

NOAH: Our next show is at a new place on the east side of LA in Highland Park called Hi Hat on May 6th. We try to play with rock n’ roll type bands, but we also play with indie bands and punk bands.

METAL BABE: It looks like you definitely put on a great live show. I will try and make it out May 6th. I’ve _AAA5314seen photos of you hanging upside down from the rafters, laying on the floor, and dry humping female fans! What can we expect from a live Hammered Satin show?


NOAH: That kinda stuff… Yeah. We dress up glam and wear glitter platform shoes. None of the other new bands out now playing 70’s rock n’ roll style music dress up like we do. We play loud. I always try to get the mic out to anyone singing along near the front of the stage and let them sing along with me.

METAL BABE: Sounds great! What is next for Hammered Satin?

NOAH: I dunno, maybe a summer tour. But top priority is to finish this second album and release it!

METAL BABE: What would you like to say to your fans?

NOAH: Thanks for your support! We can’t do it without you listening to our music and going to our shows. You are keeping rock n roll alive in these disparaging times and nothing is more valuable than that. Keep on keeping rock n’ roll alive! Go see as many bands that play this kind of music as possible. They also need you. Rock hard and stay cool.

METAL BABE: Thanks for the interview Noah! I’m looking forward to the new CD!

For more information on Hammered Satin, please visit them on FaceBookTwitter, and InstaGram.

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