Johnny Gioeli Talks About New Album with Deen Castronovo and Other Projects

Johnny Gioeli Talks About New Album with Deen Castronovo and Other Projects 

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Johnny Gioeli (Hardline/Crush 40) and Deen Castronovo (Journey/Bad English/Revolution Saint/The Dead Daisies) first played together on the debut Hardline album, ‘Double Eclipse,’ which was released in 1992. ‘Double Eclipse’ is one of my top favorite albums of all time, so I was really happy to find out that Johnny and Deen reunited while they were in Italy (25 years later) to work on the debut Gioeli-Castronovo album, “Set The World On Fire.”

In addition to the Gioeli-Castronova album, Johnny has been busy working on his solo album, scheduled for a December release, and has put out quite a few albums with Crush 40 over the past 20 years. Keep a lookout for the Gioeli-Castronovo album ‘Set The World On Fire’ July 13th and for 2019 tour dates.

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen: Hello Johnny! I have to admit I am super excited to be doing this interview with you. I have been a fan since ‘Double Eclipse’ came out. I saw you perform live quite a bit back then, met you a few times, and even sat in on an interview a friend did with you! I am glad to be back in contact!

Johnny Gioeli – Photo Credit: Johnny Pixel

Johnny Gioeli: Hi Alison! Thanks for having me!

Metal Babe: Let’s start out by talking about Gioeli-Castronovo and your brand new album ‘Set The World On Fire.’ In the video for the first single“Through” you called Deen after 19 years. Is that really what happened?

Johnny Gioeli: Yes….Kinda. (LAUGHS) It was the rudeness of a journalist (I wont mention names.) that triggered this whole thing! This person said some smack about Deen and I threw an uppercut, six jabs, and a kick in the balls. Deen heard the interview and called me immediately. Then, a few weeks later he called again and said “bro, will you do a record with me?” My answer: F*ck yeah! (LAUGHS) (Pardon my Italian.)

Metal Babe: Glad that brought you two together! What can you tell me about “Through?” It’s definitely getting a great response!

Johnny Gioeli: Yes! It’s off the freakin’ charts even before the release! I love this song….It just sums that we ALL go THROUGH sh*t in our lives. Peaks and Valleys….Trials and Tribs. Just life….But this song recognizes that we still pull THROUGH no matter what we’ve been THROUGH. Ok, I think I used the word enough! (LAUGHS) It’s a great tune…Love singing it. So happy that people love it as we do.

Metal Babe: Definitely. ‘Set The World On Fire’ comes out July 13th. What can you tell me about the album?

Johnny Gioeli: It’s not a new wheel or iPad. It’s a great AoR (Album Orientated Rock) record that has you feeling great when listening to it.

Metal Babe: What was the songwriting/recording process like? You used outside songwriters?

Johnny Gioeli: We used outside writers to handle the tunes. We wanted this. It’s cool to have other musicians envision your voice on their song. Of course we modified and made them our own. Then it was old school baby! Set up the microphones and freakin play! Like that! If we didn’t like what we sang, we would sing it again! We did not use Siri to help. (LAUGHS) F*ck Siri that bitch.. (LAUGHS)

Metal Babe: (LAUGHS) I have been really enjoying listening the album. What can you tell me about the lyrical content to the title track, “Set The World On Fire?”

Johnny Gioeli: “Set the World on Fire” is just us saying “F it.” Let’s come out with this and kick some people’s asses. That’s it.

Deen Castronovo – Photo Credit: Johnny Pixel

Metal Babe: Awesome. I have to ask a couple Hardline questions too… I am glad to see you’ve been playing some European dates. Do you have anything in the works for the U.S.? Specifically L.A.?

Johnny Gioeli: The US market sucks so badly. I would LOVE to play my own country…but the offers are so few and far between.

Metal Babe: Will you be playing any of the upcoming ‘80’s festivals’ in the U.S.?

Johnny Gioeli: If asked, and if F’n Trump lets my guys into the country, yes.

Metal Babe: I totally understand. It would be great if something worked out though! I saw the update video you did regarding your solo album ‘One Voice,’ and that you’ve pushed the release date back to December. What can you tell me about the album? You said you haven’t been this excited since 1992, so I am definitely excited about this as well!

Johnny Gioeli: Honestly, I can’t freakin wait. December baby! It’s truly the happiest I’ve been as an artist since 92’. I wrote the entire album, every word, every melody. I work with a tremendous guitarist Eric Gadrix. Awesome talent and together we made an album that you will crank so loud in your car it will wake the neighbor’s cat. I dedicated the album to a kid in my hometown who became paralyzed in a diving accident. So, fans all around the world donated to the cause. Amazing outpouring of love, hence the album title “One Voice.” Go to: and make a donation you cheap asses! (LAUGHS)

Metal Babe: Very cool on the dedication. I’m excited too! How does it compare to your previously released material?

Johnny Gioeli: It’s different for sure. To me its Bryan Adams meets Foo Fighters. I absolutely love it.

Metal Babe: Awesome. What do you have going on with Crush 40? You have released a TON of material with them!

Johnny Gioeli: Yes! Crush 40 is now 20 years old! We just finished up another Sega game. I love making the kids happy with this music! Not enough feel good music in the world!

Metal Babe: I agree! What final words would you like to say to your fans?

Johnny Gioeli: I say the same thing to my fans all the time. Without you, I am nothing. I have no voice without your air. Thank you endlessly for giving me the honor to make music for you. XO

Photo Credit: Johnny Pixel

Metal Babe: Thank you Johnny. It’s been an honor to do this interview, and I hope to see you play live in L.A. at some point, one way or another!
Johnny Gioeli: Thanks MB! Hope to see you soon! -Peace –Johnny

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Photo Credit: Johnny Pixel