Interview with ‘The Shred Demon’ David Shankle

‘The Shred Demon’ David Shankle is about to release his 3rd DSG CD!

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen 

David Shankle is one of the top shredders and fastest guitar players out there today.  Nicknamed ‘the shred demon,’ this former Manowar guitarist is about to release his third DSG CD titled, “Still A Warrior.” David is really excited about his new band, new record label, and new signature guitar. He is also available to give online guitar lessons via Skype. Check out our interview below to learn more about what David has in the works, and make sure to check out the video links at the bottom. This guy seriously shreds!


Metal Babe Mayhem: I haven’t talked to you formally for a couple of years. Tell me what you have going on right now?

David: It has been a while… Thanks for having me. The band is doing great. We have a new band. I’ve got some new guys in the band I’m very excited about. We have a new record deal. I’m no longer with Magic Circle Music. I’m with Pure Steel Records. We have a new record scheduled to come out by mid-summer called “Still A Warrior.” I also have a new line of guitars called Grossman Guitars out of Romania that I am very excited about.


MBM: That’s crazy that your signature guitars are based out of Romania.

David: Yeah, from Romania… Chris Grossman does custom signature guitars, and this guy smokes. He makes beautiful guitars, so I’m giving him a shot and I like what I have seen so far. I’m also with a company called The Shred Academy in Germany, and I’m going to be shooting all four instructional DVD’s soon.


MBM: Where do you stand in the process of your instructional DVD’s?


David: I have them for sale online, but not as a physical product. But this is stuff that you can actually buy and it can be mailed to you with tablature and all that. I’m excited to do that. I have a lot of new endorsements, including: The Flying V Leg Rest, Kahler Tremolo Systems, and EMG Pickups. These companies have been strong behind me for a long time and I’m happy to be with them. I use their products and I love them. I’m excited about this new band and the new record.



MBM: Tell me about your online guitar lessons.

David: For my online lessons, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced player. We do it over Skype. You can see exactly what I offer on my online lesson flyer. (Below)


MBM: Who is in your new band?

David: I have Warren Halvarson as my singer. I found him in a copy band in Chicago called “Heaven and Hell.” They are a Dio/Sabbath Tribute band. The drummer’s a monster. His name is Gabriel Anthony and he’s done stuff with Pamela Moore. My bass player is Mike Dooley.



MBM: So it seems the only member of the line-up that has changed is the bass player. You had Brent Sullivan on your 2007 CD “Hellborn.” What happened to him, and how did you find Mike?

David: Brent was out a long, long time ago. My singer found Mike about two years ago, and he is working out great. He is in a Slayer tribute band and this guy rips. He’s the perfect bass player I could have in this band. He’ll stand next to me and play. However, Brent will be performing on one song on the new CD though, a track called “Across That Line.” Mike McCarran plays drums on two songs on the record as well: “Into the Darkness” and “Ressucution.” These guys are all great. They’re perfect in the band. I think this is the best DSG band I’ve had since my “Ashes to Ashes” (2003) CD, and then the “Hellborn” CD.

MBM: That’s very cool. So you are looking to release “Still A Warrior” in March?

David: Yeah we’re lookin’ to release it by the end of March on Pure Steel Records. “Still A Warrior.” The artwork was done by our PhotoShop guy Eddy Schneider. He entered it last year in a competition in Wisconsin for an art fair. There were like 75 guys who entered into the contest and he won first prize. That was cool for him. We were really happy he won.

MBM: What are your plans once the record is released?

David: We will be doing some stuff around ‘Chicagoland’ and are working on trying to book some weekend festivals later this summer. Also, I’m going to be announcing some other big name guys soon. Like when I was in Manowar… It’s going to blow you away.

MBM: Can you give us an idea of who you would like to have play on the album?

David: Joe stump… Hopefully Michael Angelo Batio, if he can fit the time in. He played on my last record. Matt Mills, Parker Lundgren from Queensryche, and a few other people I’m talking to. Tommy Vitaly, T.D Clark, Roger Staffelbach from the band Artension… I did a solo on his CD. Toshi Iseda as well…  I have played on records with all these guys I’m mentioning.



MBM: Well that sounds great. You have your best DSG band yet, and quite a few all-star players lined up as well. Tell me about your manager. You’ve been with him for quite some time, right?


David: My manager, John Pettigrass, has been by my side ever since the Manowar days. He really my right hand man and one of the best friends anybody could ever ask for.


MBM: That’s awesome. I’m happy to hear that. Do you have any last words to your fans?


David: Thank you for sticking by me. Everything I do is for the fans. The fans are what keep us going. They are everything… And that helps keep the fire alive, and keep bands going, and doing what they do. If it wasn’t for the fans, we wouldn’t be here right now.

MBM: Very true.

David: And, you have been wonderful. Metal Babe rocks. I really appreciate what you do for the metal community, and my band does too. Everybody the world needs more people like you for heavy metal to keep it rollin’. All bands that are out there…


MBM: Thank you so much David. I really appreciate it! For more information on David Shankle please visit:

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You can also see David Shankle live in action at the links below!


Demonic guitar solo that was used in the movie “Jezebeth”


David Shankle Group/DSG/”Ashes to Ashes”


David Shankle and Rhino Manowar-“The Glory of Achilles” – Live at the Earthshaker Fest in 2005


**David Shankle would like to thank the new members of the DSG band: Warren Halvarson, (vocals) Gabriel Anthony, (drums)and Mike Dooley (bass). The band would like to thank Jay Walsh at Farview Recording, John Pettigrass (acting Manager) and Pure Steel Records.