Interview with Sleaze Rockers Trash Cowboys

 Interview with Sleaze Rockers Trash Cowboys  

 Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

After 25 years, Trash Cowboys are back on the scene, rockin’ harder and sleazier than ever before! They are on a mission to bring back the scene. The ‘Kings of Sleaze’ just played their first show, they have a show coming up at the Key Club January 19th, a European tour this Spring, and a CD in the works.

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Metal Babe: First of all, what made original members BradLey Rude (Guitars) and Joey “JoJo” Durant (Drums) want to reform Trash Cowboys at this time?

Bradley Rude: I got a call from one of FnA Records A&R Reps, and he said they are have gotten a shitload of inquires for the Trash Cowboys music and they want to sign us. I thought it was some bullshit prank from one of my buddies so I hung up on the fucker. A few days later I got another call from the owner of FnA and he said don’t hang up on me like you did on my A&R Guy. Go to the label’s website. I posted your name there so you know it’s real. Two weeks later we met and signed a two-year deal.

Metal Babe: Oh wow. Congratulations! Eric, how did they find you and know you were the one they wanted to sing for Trash Cowboys?

Eric: Honestly, I believe they secretly saw me in the centerfold of “Goats for Life, Goats for Game” magazine, in their annual herders special issue.

Metal Babe: You’re funny.ERIC EPIC

Eric: In all seriousness, a mutual good friend of Jojo and I got us in contact and it just blossomed from there. Plus we discovered that we all dig the same crazy, twisted shit and decided to embark on our journey of chaos together! But I doubt the fact that I am fluent in eight languages plus two intergalactic dialects didn’t hurt.

Metal Babe: What about bass player Mark One? How did he come into place?

Bradley: Mark and I had been playing in a metal band in Northern California when the record deal went through. The original bass player Jamii Sinns didn’t want his spot so there was only one real choice.

Metal Babe: How would you describe the sound and style to someone who has never heard Trash Cowboys before?

Jojo: The best way for me to describe the Trash Cowboys is looking back at the cool bands that we all listened to when we are all there. So when someone off the street ask me this question I tell them that we are a lot like old Motley Crue meets Faster Pussycat while Guns N’ Roses had a baby with Aerosmith and they all had a foursome in the back of a pink Trash Cowboys limo.

Metal Babe: What are the current goals of the band?

Eric Trashe Scott: We definitely are on a mission! We are gonna bring the Sunset Strip back to its once proud glory of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll!

trash in the alley

Jojo: I think the main goal is to get the music out there everywhere. The world is screaming for what was lost from the grunge days. We were kind of like the stepchild who was passed over. And when you look deeper into it you find a special jewel of rock that has been waiting for its time to break out. It’s time people.

Metal Babe: Obviously the scene is quite a bit different now, than it was in 1987. How do you think that is going to affect Trash Cowboys?

Eric:  Wait… It’s not 1987? Sorry we are a bit confused I swear it was 1987. Why are we dressed like this and why does my dick smell like 1987? Seriously, it’s not 1987?

Metal Babe: Haha. I wish it was!

Eric: We are on a mission to bring back the scene. The once great scene that was the Sunset strip and a time where bands were sleazy, and the music was about the real street urchin life that we all lived. It’s amazing how many people of the younger generation are lovin’ the old music, bands, and the lifestyle that we created.

Metal Babe: Jojo?

Jojo: It’s not going to affect us one bit. We are right where we are supposed to be. But ten times better. You couldn’t ask for a more opportune time for this to happen to us.

Metal Babe: Very cool. How do you think the reactions to the band will differ/compare between the United States and Europe?

Jojo: Well I personally think that the reaction is going to be amazing everywhere, because so far it has been. I think that Europe is going to go crazy over us and it’s going to help us here in the states. This music to me is timeless kick ass rock music. It always has been. The hooks are just what everyone can relate to. I think it’s just a matter of time of us getting the touring and radio play that it’s going to split the heads of everyone who listens to it. You can’t walk away from hearing a Trash Cowboys song without it sticking in your head the rest of the night.

Eric: The reactions so far have been incredible and very encouraging. The States at the moment seem to latch onto songs like “Poppin’ Tags” and have lost the love for “Shout at the Devil” and fuckin’ partying every fuckin’ night, getting laid every night, and just causing complete chaos! Europe seems to have found an everlasting love for the genre of rock n’ roll and want it more than ever now. I think with our current stage show… Love dolls, dildos, booze and just an overall great time. We are running contests during our stint in Europe where the band will come destroy, ravage, and party in your house after every show during the tour. Of course they have to sign a liability waiver, but ten years from now they can always pull up a picture of Bradley fuckin’ your pet horse in the yard and go I knew those idiots they were at my house.

Metal Babe: That’s really cool. It reminds me of the good old days when MTV actually played music. You just played your first big show this past Saturday, January 5th the Grove in Anaheim with Paul Brown & The Killing Devils and Electra. I saw the pics and it looked like a great show. How did it go?

Jojo: Our first show in I don’t know how many years was better than the last show we ever did. It was fuckin’ amazing. Eric killed it. The crowd loved it. All the feedback has been fuckin’ amazing. I personally felt so at home playing with these guys and it was the greatest moment of my life since we first ever played together many ions ago. It’s just the start of what is going to be the greatest/sleaziest show on earth.

Bradley: It was a complete blow out, we killed the shit out of it and I got to have a threesome with Eric and our blow-up doll onstage. Fan-fuckin’-tastic.

Eric: Fuckin’ phenomenal!! It’s hard to describe the reaction we recieved! Much Love to all that made it out! We’re nobody without the support of our fans! It was Fantastic! Good old school hard sleaze rock, mixed with a party atmosphere and blow-up dolls with coleslaw and cheese!! Hey, we were supposed to autograph the blow up doll! Oh My God where is she? I’ve lost my backstage love advisor!webTrashGrove-invictasartphotography-9434

Metal Babe: Trash Cowboys is playing the Key Club in Hollywood on Saturday, January 19th for the Pre-NAMM show with Richie Kotzen, Doug Aldrich, and Sass Jordan’s band S.U.N. I’ve heard that Trash Cowboys can get pretty crazy onstage. What can fans expect from a live show?

Jojo: Oh hell… It’s insane. I’m going to just leave your imaginations to ponder some kick ass slutty sleazy rock with a porn infested nest of mayhem that you won’t forget…ever. This is the place that used to be called Gazzarri’s years ago. We all got raided onstage by the FBI and the LAPD the last time we played there. This is returning to the scene of the crime.

Eric: The fans should expect a journey back to the time when the strip was packed with bands handing out flyers, not enough room to fit on the sidewalk and music blasting from every club door. A stage show very reminiscent of Van Halen, Motley Crue… A party that you’ll never want to end. Plus lots of blow-up dolls, coleslaw, my pants filled with baked beans and the regular appearance of Big Cock Energy Drink, official sponsor of Trash Cowboys.

Metal Babe: I’m looking forward to it! Trash Cowboys is getting ready to head to Europe in March. Do you have any info about the tour?

Eric: That is all management’s deal, and between taxes, tariffs, and Visas I honestly have no answers yet. All I know is as of March we will be on our way to Finland to kick things off. More details, dates and touring partners will be announced shortly. Metal Babe will be the first person we reveal all the details to, so check back here. Plus I have to wait to get my lederhosen back from the cleaners.

Metal Babe: You currently have four songs on Reverbnation, and are in the process of recording a follow-up to “The Good, The Bad & The Nasty.” What are your plans for this release?

Eric: The new release will be a very new technique as far as the packaging and distribution aspects. We’re very excited for everyone to see what we are doing. As far as material goes, it is all new material which we think captures the true sound and lifestyle of what we came from and hope to breathe new life into! The Kings of Sleaze are back and prepare to have your insatiable lust for dirty, sleazy, street level rock n’ roll quenched! Plus I know how everyone feels that having an “Image” can take away from the music. But fuck that. We look like we sound and that’s the way it should be!!

Metal Babe: Anything that you’d like to add, or say your fans?

Eric: Yes I’d like to talk about our Big Cocks… Energy drink. Haha. I’m a shameless self-promoter. But seriously we are trying to bring back the real Hollywood, Sunset Strip music scene and we hope everybody is ready and anxious to travel that road with us!

Metal Babe: Thanks guys! I am looking forward to experiencing the craziness this Saturday the 19th at the Key Club!

Check out Trash Cowboys at the links below. And, for anyone in the Hollywood area, make sure to come out to the Key Club this Saturday, January 19th. Trash Cowboys play the Main Stage at 8pm. Order your $12 discount tix at

or call 818-442-2036.


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