Interview with Singer/Songwriter Skye Delamey

 Interview with Singer/Songwriter 

Skye Delamey

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen 

Skye Delamey

Skye Delamey was put on this planet to create music. She literally fell in love with music before she could even walk. From the moment she crawled over to her first organ, she had found her destiny. To date, Skye has released three CD’s, has a fourth CD “Skye’s Wonderland” in the works for 2012, and has even directed five of her own music videos. She recently released her first entirely acoustic CD, “Songstress Secrets: Confessions of the soul,” and has started her own online magazine,, which is a place for her to share her knowledge of Music Theory and to really give back to the Community.

All Access Magazine (AAM) : I’ve really enjoyed preparing for this interview, listening to your music, and watching your videos. I love the musical variety that you have, and how every song has a concept. And they are all different. Let’s start out by talking about your latest album “Songstress Secrets: Confessions of the soul.” What inspired you to record an acoustic album?

Skye Delamey: I wanted to shed light on vocals and the piano as the complex instrument that it is, and really highlight the piano as a bass instrument, and as a treble instrument. Throughout the years people have told me that I really need to put something like this out so they can hear what I can do vocally, and, kind of… unproduced. Not to say I’m staying at the acoustic stuff, but I wanted to have an album like that, and I was excited to do it.

AAM: Very cool. It’s great to have the variety. I love the most recent video you did for “Thor,” especially the way the lightning crashes behind you while you’re playing the piano. It really conveys a lot of emotion. How did you get the idea for this song and video?

SD: Well, it was 2008…The night of L.A.’s biggest thunderstorm, as far as I’m concerned. As an L.A. Native, I’ve never in my life seen rain and lightning bolts to that extent. It was as if I was struck that night, by a musical bolt of lightning. I sat at the piano and songs just came through me, almost as a cosmic source. I was very compelled to just write a song in honor of Thor, the God of thunder and lightning, and “Thor” just came to me.

AAM: Well, you did a great job on that video. There are a couple songs on the album were actually inspired by loved ones from the other side….. Can you tell me more about “Another Chapter” and “I See You There?”

SD: When my Grandpa died, my Mom was so devastated. I just wanted to reach out to her in a spiritual way. There is really nothing that you can buy somebody when they’re hurting over the loss of a loved one. There’s almost nothing you can do. But I felt like a Medium in a way, and I asked my Grandpa what in the world can I possibly do to help heal her pain, and that song, which initially was a poem, came through me about another chapter. He is on the other side in another chapter of being.

AAM: And then the other one, “I See You There,” is for your Grandma?

SD: Yes. That’s for my Grandma. And that one also came through me, almost as a conduit or a Medium….My Mom’s parents were both born deaf and mute, and they were together for 78 years. So it’s really unusual that their first Grandchild, me, ended up being a singer and a songwriter, and I’m all about music and lots of loudness. It was as if I was their voice, reaching out to my Mom, trying to heal her pain.

AAM: Wow. That is amazing….Your musical style is very versatile. You can go from beautifully melodic, to heavy, to punk rock, and then back again. Which style is your favorite? And do you see yourself leaning towards a certain direction in the future?

SD: Over the years I have been advertised as ‘heavy girl rock,’ so I love that genre…but I love the melodic stuff as well. And, ultimately, whether it’s melodic, punk rock, or whatever it is, it has to rock. Also, all the songs, no matter what they are, they also start in that raw state. Even “Francis Farmer” can be played acoustically, with just singing and playing piano. But, no matter what it is, as a songwriter it’s a good indication if you’re able to break it down.

AAM: I was going to ask you about “Francis Farmer.” That’s another video that really stood out to me. It’s definitely one of your heavier songs too. Is this song based on a true story?

SD: It’s in honor of Francis Farmer, the Actress. But it also just sheds light on all the victims of psychiatric drug abuse, including children that are given Ritalin for being creative. “Francis Farmer” was inspired by a trip to CCHR.Org on Sunset Blvd. It’s an organization that advocates for people’s rights, and citizen’s rights, and are against foolishly giving out psychiatric drugs to people that don’t need it.

AAM: It’s good that you’re making it known any way that you can. You are a natural for making videos. It seems you just keep cranking them out. And they are all so visually appealing, unique, and creative.  How do you come up with the ideas for your videos, and which comes first, the song or the idea for the video?

SD: Well the song always comes first. And to me as a songwriter, making a video is a visual way of writing a song. It’s like putting your creative vision into a creative format. I’ve had a huge background in acting. And I’ve studied all of that. But I never thought I could make videos, and direct them. But working with wonderful people just inspired me to put my vision into a video format. It’s the same process as songwriting.

AAM:  Very cool. Have you thought about directing music videos for other artists?

SD: (laughs) Oh…If I could wear that many hats, I would. I just can’t… What I did, it was because it was very fun, and inspiring; a natural process. But my main passion is music. I am put on the planet to sing and write songs. I gotta focus on my main attraction and passion in life.

AAM: Definitely. So has this been a lifelong passion for you? How did you start playing the piano and singing?

SD: It definitely has been a lifelong passion…Probably from the time I was born! My Dad played, and still plays, the accordion. And as a toddler, it was just lying around. I would crawl over to it and play with the piano keys. I literally fell in love with the ‘magical black keys.’ Literally fell in love… And that was my dream in life, to play piano and sing. So I am very grateful.

AAM: Wow. You did fall in love at a very young age… What types of training have you received?

SD: I have had a whole lot of training. But there is a lot that you discover on your own. I didn’t like a lot of my training. I was kind of rebellious, and I had a hard time with a lot of my music teachers that were more serious. I didn’t like being put in a box. Finally, I rebelled enough to attract the right teacher. And she said to me, Skye, if you wanna sing, feel it with all your heart and really connect with the message of the song. And there was really no looking back after that.

There comes a time when you love something so much that you go beyond what you’re taught and you really discover it. There’s so much out there that once you learn the basics you’re hungry to learn more and there are so many complex cords and keys and different ways of singing. I just really was on a roll to learn all I could, beyond the normal.

AAM: In addition to singing, songwriting, and directing, you recently started your own online magazine What is the primary focus of your magazine and what goals would you like to accomplish with it?

SD: is a way to give back to the music community and to take my knowledge of music theory and really showcase that. And that’s why it’s called Stacatto, the musical theory term. I used to run a business called musical transformations, and I gave voice lessons at the time, and songwriting consulting, and things like that. I wanted to take what I knew of that and really showcase music as a language. Not just music the lifestyle, but music for what it really is. To give tips to artists, and put a spotlight on actors and businesspersons… Anyone can place an ad on the Spotlight section of It’s a way to showcase what each individual person has to offer.

AAM: Sounds great. Is there anything else that you’d like to share with our Readers?

SD: I’d like to share my website where you have links to different sites with music and things like. Also check out my YouTube station

AAM: Thank you for your time Skye. I see great things happening for you and I wish you all the best in 2012.