Interview with Freekshow and Lenka Danger from Blatant

Interview with Freekshow and Lenka Danger from Blatant

 Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen
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 Freekshow and Lenka have been making quite a name for themselves for quite sometime with Middle Finder Mob, Hollywood 77, and Freekshow & Friends. Currently, they are putting all their rock n’ roll energy into brand new original band Blatant. Freekshow and Lenka are both good friends of mine, so I was glad to get the opportunity to sit down with them and talk more in depth about the band, their plans, and the future.

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Metal Babe: You guys are one definitely of most well-known power couples in the Hollywood scene. Not only have you been together over ten years, you have been playing music together since 2005. How did that first come about?

Freekshow: After seeing Lenka dancing and singing the lyrics to every song we were playing during our shows at The Cat Club back in 2005 with Hollywood 77, I invited her to join us as a backup singer.  She’s been playing with us ever since.

Lenka Danger: Every time I would go see Hollywood 77, I would get so excited because they were playing a lot of my favorite songs.  When I was younger, whenever I would hear these songs at home or some other leisurely place, I would dance and sing the lyrics, so it just came naturally to me. Freekshow took notice of this during every show and asked me to join the band.  I’ve been playing music with him ever since.


Metal Babe: That’s awesome. I’m excited to hear more about your latest project, Blatant. What inspired you to put together this project?

Freekshow: I decided to form Blatant, after realizing that Middle Finger Mob had kinda run its course in early 2012 after our final show at On The Rox in April.  I tried to keep the band going with a couple different line-ups, after the original line up that appeared on the “Songs of Life, Sex and Death” album, but it just didn’t work out.  For some reason, the energy just wasn’t there. Nobody was able to re-create what the original line-up had done on the album. Also, I pitched a few songs to everyone in Middle Finger Mob to start recording a new album, and everyone rejected them. So I immediately lost all interest, decided to bury that band, and move on. I originally started getting this project going with Richie Rivera (Drums) and Eric Sweet E (Bass) last summer when I had a lock-out in downtown Los Angeles. We had a falling out with the band we shared the lock-out with that put the project on hold … Until recently.


Lenka Danger: I just want to be a part of what Freekshow is doing because it’s fun, so when he asked me to stay with him, of course I said yes.  This project is badass and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

Metal Babe: How did you come up with the name Blatant and what does the name mean to you?

Freekshow:  Ha! That’s funny that you’d ask me that question. As a matter of fact, everyone has been asking me that, so I actually posted up on FaceBook. The story goes like this… When I was in the 9th grade at East Jr. High School in Boise, Idaho I had an English teacher named Mrs. Harrington. Each week she would give out an assignment to research ten words from the dictionary. One particular week, one of those words happened to be “Blatant.” Well, upon reading the meaning of this word that, at that time in my life, I hadn’t Been exposed to yet. I immediately thought two things. 1: This word describes me to a fkn T and 2: This word would be a badass name for a band!!

Metal Babe: That is a great story. I’m glad that it’s happening for you now. Who else is in the band and how did they all come together?

Freekshow: I have Richie Rivera on drums, who I started working with in the most recent line-up of Hollywood 77. The guy is fkn Amazing! Hands down. He’s definitely one of the best drummers I’ve had the privilege to work with, both musically and professionally Every time I have ever called on him to play a show… he always says “yes.”  It’s like the word “no” is not in this guy’s vocabulary, lol!  Next up is Eric Sweet E on bass.  I’ve known Eric for what seems like forever, basically since I moved to Hollywood over ten years ago.   He used to play in Revlon Red whom I was a fan and friends of. I snatched Eric up to jam with me when I originally started Blatant last summer. On Guitars, I have Chris Kessler, whom I met recently when I was forming my solo band Freekshow and Friends, and Justin Citron from the band Trick Pistol. Justin also played in one of the many line-ups of Hollywood 77 back in 2010. Lenka Danger, my girlfriend of ten years who has basically been playing music with me in all my bands since joining Hollywood 77 in the beginning, is on backing vocals.


Metal Babe: How does Blatant differ/compare the bands that you’ve done in the past?

Freekshow: I think Blatant is what I’ve been wanting to do all along.  When I formed Middle Finger Mob with Shawn Smash, I had pitched a few songs to him but he rejected them. So I shelved the songs in hopes of using them in the future. When Middle Finger Mob finally dissolved, after rejecting the same songs, I knew it was time to form Blatant. This way I could do my own thing, and get people to play the music I wanted to play all along. Blatant is heavier and more aggressive high-energy rock n roll, a mixture of 80’s hair metal and 80’s thrash metal, whereas Middle Finger Mob was more punk in the vein of bands like Social Distortion and Rancid.

Metal Babe: Where are you at in the process of recording your debut CD?

Freekshow:  I am currently working on our Debut five song EP “Mini Skirts n’ Whisky” with Carmine D’Amico of Urgent Sound. I am about halfway through recording the EP right now. I’d probably be done with it already, but people’s schedules keep stalling the process. If all goes to plan, the album should be out by end of summer.

Metal Babe: That’s great.

Lenka Danger: It seems like Freekshow has been in the studio every day and my vocals will come after he lays his down.  He’s not finished yet so it’s still a waiting game.  But we are doing our best to get it to everyone by late summer.

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(Photo by Kirsti Anna Urpa)

Metal Babe: You’re scheduled to play the Foundation Room at the House of Blues on Saturday, June 1st.  What can fans expect from the show?

Freekshow:  A damn good debaucherous rock and roll show.  Everything I do, I put my heart and soul into, so if you’re looking for a good time, the House of Blues will be the place to be on June 1st.

Lenka Danger: Aside from the music and debauchery, at least on my end… Sex appeal! LOL!  But I must say that the guys are pretty damn sexy too!

Metal Babe: Haha. Sex appeal is always a good thing. You have free tickets, right? What’s the best way for people to get them?

Freekshow:  Contact me on my Blatant FaceBook Page or my personal FaceBook Profile or they can contact me via email at

Blatant Flyer

Metal Babe: What else do you have going on at this time? Are you still working on any of your other bands/solo projects or is this your primary focus right now?

Freekshow: Hmm, well … I am a Gemini, and anyone who knows a true Gemini, knows that we always tend to have a bunch of shit going on at the same time.  But currently, Blatant is my sole focus right now.

Lenka Danger: When all this is said and done, I have actually been writing my own music which I will start recording when we get all this other stuff out and released.

Metal Babe: I’m so happy for you Lenka. That’s awesome. Aside from the CD and the show, do you have anything else in the works for Blatant?

Freekshow:  Yeah, we’re looking to shoot a video for “Miniskirts n’ Whisky,” which is the single off the new EP, hopefully in late July or August.  We are hoping to take the single to radio through working with Tim Binder at New Ocean Media.

Metal Babe: Very Cool.

Lenka Danger: Well from what I understand, we’ll be shooting a music video with Lui Segui, a former guitar player in Hollywood 77.  I’m really exited about this one.  It’ll be a total surprise to everybody!

Metal Babe: Thanks guys! I look forward to seeing you play The Foundation Room (Upstairs at the House of Blues) on Saturday, June 1st!

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