By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello, Grant! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it is greatly appreciated.
Grant Masson: Thanks so much for inviting me, I’m glad to be here!
CV: In 2010 you, along with drummer Tom Oz, decided to leave the band Hallowed Engine and begin a new direction with your sound and songwriting. What was it you wanted to do musically that Hallowed Engine wasn’t offering you?
GM: It wasn’t so much that we decided to leave the band. Tensions began growing, and I think Tom was asked to leave. We had been writing most of the music, so I decided to walk with him. That also might be where our unfortunate luck began. (LAUGHS)
CV: By 2011 the musical core of Cooter Brown was established once original bass player Scott Kessler was brought in.  Since Scott had previously played with a Metal band, did his playing style add to or alter the overall direction shift you originally intended for the new project?
GM: Not at all. In fact, I think Scotti probably adapted more to us. For years, Tom and I’ve played off each other, and more often than not, know where each other is at. Scotti was able to see what we were doing musically, and immediately bring his own style and adapt it to the music we were playing.