Interview with Paul Hastey of Angerhead

*Originally released in Sin City Presents Magazine

Interview with Paul Hastey of Angerhead

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Bay area based band Angerhead, who is a mixture of metal, punk, and thrash, recently signed a record deal with the German label Violent Creek Records. The label has released their new CD titled ‘Fueled By Rage,’ as a “three in one” package that includes the band’s debut EP and demo, in addition to the new EP. Angerhead just had their CD release party December 2nd at The Broken Spoke in San Jose, and are looking forward to a big 2017. I caught up with founding member and vocalist Paul Hastey to talk more about the band, what they have been up to, and what the future holds.


ALISON “METALBABE” COHEN: Let’s jump right in and talk about your new CD. As far as I understand, Angerhead signed a European deal with the German label Violent Creek Records, and they packaged up the new EP, (‘Fueled By Rage’) your previous EP, (‘Headful of Hate) and your first demo for a “three in one” release. Is that correct?

PAUL: Yes! That is correct…. We decided to release those songs on our debut album because our music has not had the chance to be heard across the pond in Europe.

METAL BABE: Totally makes sense. What can you tell us about the new ‘Fueled By Rage’ EP?

PAUL: The EP ‘Fueled by Rage’ was never actually released. We got the record deal and then decided to call the entire album “Fueled by Rage.” It just made sense to us.



METAL BABE: Gotcha. How does the new material on ‘Fueled By Rage’ compare to your 2014 release ‘Headful of Hate?’

PAUL: Well… I think the two EPs are pretty similar in style. They are both different than the first demo. We have always tried to keep the same style. We will always try and stay true to form when it comes to our music.

METAL BABE: I noticed that you cover Motorhead’s “Iron Fist” on the CD. Are you all huge Motorhead fans? Do you have a Lemmy story you can share with us?

PAUL: Yes!! We are all Motorhead fans and are honored to have that track on our album. The only one in the band with a Motorhead connection is Eric. He did some studio work with them a while back.

METAL BABE: Wow. Very cool. It’s definitely an honor to be covering Motorhead! How did Angerhead end up getting signed by Violent Creek Records?

PAUL: Our friend Eric Wong from the band Laughing Dead hooked us up with Violent Creek Records. We shipped our material to them and they loved it. We had a few conference calls, they sent us the contracts, and here we are.

METAL BABE: That’s great. Congratulations! What is the metal scene like in San Jose? Do you play out often?

PAUL: The scene is pretty good throughout the whole Bay Area at the moment. We were playing out a lot, but lately we have been on a little break until after the record comes out. We have played outside of the area many times too, and we plan to do so after the first of the year. We have some plans, but we are not getting into those yet.

METAL BABE: Very cool. You’ve shared the stage with quite a few notable and influential bands, including Kittie, Quiet Riot, Exodus, Testament, and Loudness. Which was your favorite to play with? Do any interesting stories come to mind?

PAUL: We have had some amazing opportunities to share the stage with some big bands. I would have to say the Testament show was my favorite! It was a sold out gig, and it was off the hook from start to finish. A funny story would be when we played at Gary Holt’s wedding… We went on after Death Angel and Will Caroll (Death Angel’s drummer) had puked all over the drum riser and our drummer had no time to clean it up or anything, so he had to set up and play in a puddle of puke.

0d-angerhead-collageMETAL BABE: That’s crazy! Poor Dave! (LAUGHS) Have you ever been to or played Las Vegas? What would be your perfect show here?

PAUL: I have been to Vegas many times. As for the band? No, we have never played a gig in Vegas. We would love the opportunity to do so.

METAL BABE: Hopefully that can happen next year too! You tend to have a lot of ‘anger’ and ‘rage’ in your music, hence the band name and latest album. Where does this come from?

PAUL: We just write about current events and what we see in the world that is just messed up. Plus, it’s a great way to channel our real anger issues. (LAUGHS)

METAL BABE: That’s true. What types of subjects do your songs tend to be about?


PAUL: We sing about everything from cannibalism, to police brutality, and everything in between.

METAL BABE: Tell me a little history about the band. When did you form and how did you all connect?

PAUL: Eric Beard and I have known each other for some years leading up to starting the band. Eric used to do a solo act called Angerhead and my old band played a show with him. I liked what he was doing, so when I moved to the Bay Area and saw him opening for Green Jelly I said, let’s do Angerhead as a full band.

Jim Pegram was a friend of ours before the band started, and he also helped with bass tech stuff with our previous bass player, Larry. Larry had to leave the band, and it was a perfect fit. As for Dave O’Neal, (our drummer) we found him on CraigsList. We all just jelled as a band pretty quickly.

METAL BABE: Great! I have to admit I got a laugh out of seeing Menudo and Debbie Gibson listed first as your Influences on FaceBook. Did you put that there just to see if people are paying attention? (LAUGHS)

PAUL: Pretty much. (LAUGHS)

METAL BABE: What’s next for Angerhead?

PAUL: We have some things in the works. At the moment we are writing some new tunes and we hope the album does well in Europe so we can get over there to play some shows.

METAL BABE: That would be great. What final words would you like to say to our readers?

PAUL: Thanks for paying attention and please go buy our record!

METAL BABE: Awesome. Thanks Paul. Best of luck to you with the label and new CD. Hopefully you make it to Europe, and we end up getting a Vegas show too.