Interview with Chip Z’Nuff (Bass/Frontman) of Enuff Z’Nuff

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen Interviews Chip Z’Nuff


Chip Z’Nuff founded Enuff Z’Nuff, which was his first band ever, in 1984. Thirty-two years later, the band has just released their 20th studio release ‘Clowns Lounge.’ Being a longtime EZN fan, I was extremely honored to be able to interview Chip over the phone, and really dig into the new record, their future plans, and get up and personal about some of his past, history, and influences while growing up.

‘Clowns Lounge’ is a collection of twelve early demos and rarities that Chip and Donnie Vie (Lead Vocals 1984–2002, 2008-2013) recorded on 2” inch analog tape in 1987-1988, in addition to a new song called “Dog on a Bone.” Chip describes the album as “super glitter rock with pop overtones.” He continues, “It’s a live performance in the studio. One, two, three, four… play.”

Vie hasn’t been in the band since 2013 and Chip has taken over as the lead vocalist, in addition to playing bass. 

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Enuff Z’Nuff Video for “Dog On A Bone:”

‘Clowns Lounge’ Tracklisting: Dog On A Bone; Runaway; Back In Time; She Makes It Harder; Rockabye Dreamland; The Devil Of Shakespeare; Radio; Good Luv; Round And Round; Nothing; Backstreet Kids; One More Hit.

Album recordings feature performances from: Donnie Vie, Derek Frigo, Jani Lane, James Young.

Enuff Z’nuff:
Chip Z’nuff – Singer, electric bass, guitar
Tony Fennell – Electric guitar, vox
Tory Stoffregen – Lead guitar, vox
Daniel Hill – Drums, percussion, vox

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Chip Z'Nuff and Alison "MetalBabe" Cohen at Cathouse Live
Chip Z’Nuff and Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen at Cathouse Live