Front Line Moshacre

Front Line Moshacre
The Militants Album Review

Written by Boris Lee

They say things come in threes. Good or bad, things happen in three. That concept comes into play here, with The Militants third release, Front Line Kill.

Charlie Zeigler, has been creating music with The Militants since 1994, formulating a frantic sound similar to that of Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and Static X.

Front Line Kill is a “Moshacre” of industrial punk, presenting a smash face blast of tunes. Opening the ear bleeding festivities, Breaking Walls, is a two-and-a-half-minute rush of speed metal solo riffs and intense rhythms that set the pace for the rest of the album.

The title track to Front Line kill slams into your senses like a death metal express train and is arguably the strongest song on the album. Charlie’s vocals are brutal, the guitar riffs stinging with the guitar solo sending my metal memory back to the Black Sabbath album, Born Again, and the track Zero the Hero.

Omens of Doomsday, opens with heavier guitar work than the previous tracks on the album, showing The Militants’ diversity. When the first chorus crashes into the song, the minor timing and riff change got my head banging and feet stomp dancing on my hard wooden floor (pissing off my roommate in the process…HA!)

Reapers Moon is a straightforward metal mash with Charlie backing off slightly on the raspy tonality in his vocals, which compliments the guitars.

The Militants close out Front Line Kill with a haunting trek into horror metal titled, Unfathomable Depths of Perception. My personal favorite song on the record. The acoustic guitar work presents a chilling call to the listener, setting the tone of a well written black and white horror, or a state of the union address for those lacking perception.

The guitar work on Front Line Kill shows intensity and clarity, which is a notable improvement from the previous releases by The Militants. Another improvement to note, Charlie seems more comfortable in his playing and vocal performance than in the past.

Overall, Front Line Kill is a fast-paced pounding of industrial punk to get young and old, slamming shoulders in the pit.

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