Fish n’ Chimps Officially Launches Comic Book

29 May 2020
Fish n’ Chimps Officially Launches Website, Comic Book, and Store

Fish n’ Chimps officially launches Website, Comic Book, RedBubble store (featuring over 35 designs on 70+ products), and social media pages on Friday, May 29th at 8AM PST.

This fun, new brand features a six-foot, muscle bound, guitar slinging carp and his three sibling chimp best friends (band mates/co-workers) as they navigate life, love, friendship and the occasional early 80s flashback (not in that order) in their small West Seattle neighborhood.

Whether it’s reforming the rock band and running a restaurant or reconnecting with lost friends and reliving the glory days, the boys in the band always have their hands full. Throw in equipment mishaps, a music-related argument or two and the occasional early-career flashback and it’s just another day in the life of Nuke, Frank, Damian & Helix…

Creator/Designer Skillin & Artist/Designer Koregore are excited to show everyone the fruits of their two-year labor and hope that you all enjoy Nuke Tuna and crew as much as they do!

Alison Masson (Metal Babe Mayhem) is proud to be involved in this project and looking forward to sharing her future involvement.

Skillin and Koregore would like to personally thank you all for checking out Fish n’ Chimps and for continuing the support as they roll out new books and fresh designs in the near future.

The Fish n’ Chimps Mantra:

Life’s better with them

Laughter is…
The best medicine!

Makes the world go ’round

Music is…
The heartbeat of life!

The world needs more of it

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