Fire in the Sky Firewind Album Review

Fire in the Sky

Firewind Album Review by Boris Lee

Fire in the Sky Firewind

Fire in the Sky Firewind… To Shred or not to shred? That is the question. When it comes to the Apollo possessed “Riffology” that fires out of guitarist god Gus G’s fingers, the question is what style of shred shall scorch the fretboard today? From his tenure with Ozzy, to his work with Dream Evil, Arch Enemy and others, Gus G has always shredded with power and grace. The forthcoming May 15, 2020 self-titled release from Firewind is no exception.

Joining Gus’ amazing guitar work is Firewind’s new vocalist Herbie Langhans, who builds a solid foundation of screams to waltz through the pit with Gus’ shreds. There’s killer chemistry between Gus and Herbie that carries throughout the album’s melodic march.

Firewind’s forthcoming release showcases a more diverse creative conceptual approach from the band. The tracks “Orbital Sunrise,” “Space Cowboy,” and “Longing to Know You,” share an out of this world storyteller feel. If they placed the songs in a “Trifecta of Tunage,” there could be an argument for a main act on the album accompanied by a first and closing acts, depending on song placement. The diversity continues with “Overdrive,” which has definite divine-drip of DIO dreams decorating it.

Fans of Firewind’s signature sound will bang heads and raise horns for “Welcome to the Empire,” “Rising Fire,” and arguably the strongest song on the album, “Devour,” all of which are screaming scorchers.

Gus plays out a fretboard fantasy narrated by Herbie’s vocals that will leave the fans frantic for more. I give Firewind’s self-titled release 4.5 out of 5 raised horns. To learn more about Firewind follow the links below.

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Fire in the Sky Firewind

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