Faith No More – Hollywood Palladium

Faith No More – Hollywood Palladium – November 30th, 2010

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Faith No More

For the first time in ten years Faith No More have decided to give it another shot. However, this doesn’t mean that they are ‘officially’ back together. It means that some lucky fans will have the chance to see FNM perform live for the first time in a LONG time! And, if all goes well, this may lead the path to more Faith No More in the future.  (Let’s keep our fingers crossed!)

For the last part their Reunion Tour they are ONLY playing Los Angeles and CHILE!  I was lucky enough to be at the first of their two-night stint in L.A., which was SOLD OUT! The place was insanely packed. All you could see, in every direction, is bodies. And those bodies were ready to get CRAZY with FNM!

Faith No More started their two-hour set with the sappy ballad “Reunited,” by Peaches and Herb, which made perfect sense for this tour. But, they didn’t waste any time getting the crowd going from there, and tore right into one of the biggest hits off “The Real Thing,” “From Out of Nowhere.”

Their set was all over the place, but primarily focused on songs from “King for a Day,” and “Album of the Year.” I’m assuming that since Jim Martin wasn’t part of the reunion, they chose to focus on their latter material. I was a bit bummed though, because they only played TWO other songs from “The Real Thing,” “Surprise! You’re Dead,” and the world famous “Epic.” I was really surprised to hear “Surprise! You’re Dead!” I LOVE that song and was ready to MOSH!!! Funny thing is, the crowd was so tight that I could hardly move…much less mosh. (That came later.)

Faith No More

Throughout the night, Faith No More would go from crazy, to schizophrenic, to sultry and melodic, and then back again. At times it seemed like I was at a high school prom, especially since the entire band were dressed in suits and ties, and at other times, it didn’t even seem like they were speaking English!

A definite highlight of the night was when they played “Chinese Arithmetic” from the “Introduce Yourself” CD. This song stands on its own on the album,” but to hear the hard charging galloping rhythm section of Billy Gould and Mike Bordin live was just amazing.

Mike Patton is so diversified. He truly has 1000 different voices. Who else can go from the frantic screams of “Cuco for Caca” and roll seamlessly into a cover Lionel Richie’s, soulful and melodic “Easy,” “Midlife Crisis” was phenomenal, and the crowd went extra crazy for their biggest hit of all time…“Epic!” The set ended with “Just a Man,” before they left the stage for their first encore, which was a little teaser of “Chariots of Fire,” and then on to “Stripsearch” and “Spirit.” They came back for a 2nd encore with one of my all time favorite FNM songs, the funky “We Care A Lot,” and rounded out the set with another sultry ballad, “This Guy’s In Love With You.”

Faith No MoreFaith No MoreFaith No More

Overall, Faith No More put on a KILLER performance. I am lucky to be living in L.A. right now, and to have the opportunity to see them play live. I spent most of the night right up front, moshing, thrashing, and screaming. But then there were times that I wasn’t so sure… It was great hearing some of my all time favorite FNM songs like “From Out of Nowhere,” “Midlife Crisis,” “Epic,” and “We Care a Lot.” But it also seemed there was much I didn’t know, and much to be learned. I had a great night, and a lot of fun. I just realized that I’m not a die-hard….But there were plenty die-hards there.  And FNM gave them exactly what they wanted, and then some. Faith No More definitely GAVE A LOT!

The Set list Included:

  • Reunited
  • From Out of Nowhere
  • Everything’s Ruined
  • Caffeine
  • Evidence
  • Surprise! You’re Dead
  • Chinese Arithmetic
  • Last Cup
  • Cuckoo for Caca
  • Easy/Ben
  • Midlife Crisis
  • The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • I Started a Joke
  • Epic
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Just a Man

Encore 1:

  • Helpless
  • Chariots
  • Stripsearch
  • Spirit

Encore 2:

  • We care a Lot
  • This Guy’s in Love With You