Excitement Builds as Wacken 2015 Approaches

Excitement Builds as Wacken 2015 Approaches

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Wacken Crowd

The Wacken Open Air ticket is definitely a hard one to get your hands on, and this was the 10th year in a row that the event has sold out! All 75,000 tickets to the 26th W.O.A. completely sold out in an astonishing twelve hours, which makes this the fastest sellout in Wacken history!

The first Wacken took place in 1990, drew just about 800 people, and just a handful of local German bands played during a Friday and Saturday. It is absolutely amazing to see how Wacken has completely blown up over the past 25 years. With increasing fan attendance and number of bands performing, it is now the biggest open air music festival of its kind.

Wacken Crowd Shot

This year’s festival, which is scheduled to take place from Thursday, July 30th through Saturday, August 1st, already has 90 Bands booked to date and a continually increasing line-up. Musicians and fans travel from all over the world to a small village in Northern Germany called Schleswig-Holstein to be part of it all. Wacken alone proves that music is a universal language, with fans and friends alike rocking out together for three full days, sharing their love for music.

This year’s line-up is extremely impressive, as always, including both newer and classic rock and metal bands. Some of the bands scheduled to perform are: Armored Saint, Biohazard, Black Label Society, Butcher Babies, Cannibal Corpse, Cradle of Filth, Death Angel, Dream Theater, Epica, Europe, In Flames, Judas Priest, Mushroomhead, My Dying Bride, Obituary, Opeth, Queensryche, Rob Zombie, Savatage, Sepultura, Stratovarious, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Uli Jon Roth, Within Temptation, and Zodiac.

Armored Saint guitarist Jeff Duncan said that “Armored Saint has played Wacken in the past and I remember it as one of the best shows I’ve ever played. I’m so looking forward and thrilled to be playing it again. I’m also eager to play songs from Armored Saint’s new album ‘Win Hands Down’ live too.”  This will definitely be a great opportunity for fans to hear the brand new Armored Saint songs. Duncan also said that “Wacken is a metalhead’s dream come true.” I truly hope that this ‘Metalhead’ is able to experience that first hand this year.

Armored Saint

Savatage is scheduled to play their first ever reunion show at this year’s Wacken, followed by a performance by Paul O’Neill’s mastermind creation Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This will be the only live show for the two bands in 2015 as well.  Savatage fans have been anxiously awaiting, hoping, and dreaming for over a decade that a reunion tour would one day take place, and now it finally is! Rumors have it that if all goes well, Savatage could play additional reunion shows in both Europe and the U.S.

Wacken TSO Sava

With this killer line-up, record sellout, and Savatage reunion, this is definitely going to be one of the best Wacken Open Air Festivals to date! If all goes well, I will be giving you all a full report of the show!

For more information on the Wacken Open Air Fest, check out the teaser video:

Visit their official website at: http://www.wacken.com/

24 thoughts on “Excitement Builds as Wacken 2015 Approaches

  1. This year’s Wacken line up is a dream come true for this Tampa FL. Metalhead! Wacken is on my bucket list, it certainly looks to be the year I should go. Savatage reunion? Obituary? TSO? Death Angel! I grew up with these bands. BLS is sure to show pure Southern Metal. One could only dream of such a line-up!

    Family and financial woes sadly prevent me from attending this year. I just hope to see as many interviews and videos as possible. Represent us well Metal Babe! I know only you can bring us up close and personal to these great artists. I can’t wait to see what you bring back to us!

    Much gratitude,
    Tina Blake aka Tna925

    1. Yes!!! What an amazing WOMAN! Alison MetalBabe Cohen! She is a self-starter who launched her own Rock n Roll clothing line EMPIRE, and she is a super knowledgeable Rock Journalist! She is everywhere!
      What an awesome example of a woman who is kicking ASS! Lots of love to you, Alison! heart emoticon ROCK ON! \m/ Happy Women’s Month!
      xoxo <3

  2. I’ve read most of the 100+ interviews with bands, and articles about the industry, that you have written. It’s fitting that Metal Babe write about Wacken. Better yet, if you visit there, and write about it first hand!

  3. It would be an epic experience and an amazing opportunity for you to be able to interview even half of these bands… Looking forward to reading your reviews!
    Hope you make it there Metal Babe.

  4. What an opportunity to match your passion, stellar coverage and fan enjoyment with a trip to be part of the legend Wacken has become over the years. Take this article and get on a plane and bring back some exciting interviews along with up close and personal pictures of the things the rest of the world dares to dream about attending. Best of luck.

  5. Nice write up, Wacken 2015 definitely looks to be an amazing show!!! I hope to see my wife at this show!!! I know she will write an amazing review, and will be so happy to see the Savatage reunion.

  6. Wacken is an amazing event of bands and people that travel from all over the world to see this Concert and YES! Alison would be the perfect Choice to Cover Wacken..her skills are amazing and her credits in a many of magazines are well written and well done to perfection…Alison’s credits speak for themselves in every article she does….Her Journalisim Skills are Top-Of -The- Line in every Aspect..I highly Recommend Her Skills her Knowledge and Talents as a Journalist to Cover 2015 in Wacken..It is The Only Way \m/ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ☼ ☼ ☼

  7. Awesome! Very interesting and makes me want to attend this event! Hope you get to go Alison!!! Can’t wait to read about the event after you get back because there is no one who deserves an opportunity like this more than Alison!

  8. Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen definitely deserves the opportunity to write a review first hand for this event. She is an amazing journalist and makes every fan feel like they are at the show with her, from her precise details, explanations, and photos. She is one in a million and Wacken wouldn’t be the same without her there. I really hope that you get to go!!!!

  9. Great article Alison… Makes me sorry that I can’t attend!! Hopefully you’ll get to go so that you can bring all of the fun and excitement back to all of us stuck here in the States! To those at Wacken, you couldn’t get a better ambassador than Alison “MetalBabe Cohen!!

  10. No one deserves to attend and review this great festival more than Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen who I have known for 20 years as a great Rock Journalist and solid Supporter of any rock scene she’s been around.I first came to know her when she was hard at work in the early days of the Ozzfest and her dedication to Rock continues today as one of the hottest Rock Personalities in the L.A./Hollywood Rock scene. She would review and represent the festival very well and should be included in any Media Pool…Mista Lou

  11. Such a great festival, seems every year they have a great lineup, would definitely love to have my band be on the bill one day. It would be great to see you, Alison, get some interviews with Savatage and find some really cool stories around the time “Edge of Thorns” came out, as well as some of the earlier albums about Criss and the making of albums and tours. Great review!